NethServer at NextCloud Conference in Berlin/Germany

That’s a call for all german members or for who currently lives in Germany. :flag_de:
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First, a little overview.

We are joining forces with NextCloud guys, because:

  • they need a stable/easy-to-administrate platform and tested centos packages.
  • we need them to improve their and our product, integratng great stuff like collabora or spreadbox

Lately, me and @alep had a hangout with Jos and Lukas where we talked about:

  • Working together
  • Install NextCloud with one click
  • Rpm for CentOS 7
  • We have both active communities for testing
  • Add to NextCloud NethServer stuff like: Mailserver and other addons (firewall… etc…)
  • Integrations with app like mail app e jabber app, LDAP e AD
  • We are planning to advertise our collaboration (one post mine and one of Jos)
  • Advertise us as official CentOS packages creators


  • Collabora (google docs replacement) easy on NethServer
  • Spreadbox (videoconference tool) integration
  • PHP 5.4 --> SCL with 5.6.5

NextCloud Conference

Said that, NextCloud guys asked us to attendee their Conference, September 16 - 22, 2016
in Berlin/Germany

We can just attend the weekend 17-18, not the entire week

Clearly, it would be a great event and the chance to:

  • have a lightning talk about NethServer
  • move forward our relationship
  • meet them in person

Talking with @alep we’re wondering to involve our community in this project, specifically who is geographically facilitated so that you will be our NethServer Ambassador at this conference! representing us over there.

What you will achieve

Definitely, you will rely on all the support you need, before/during the event : slides, hangouts with me @alep and nextclouders and so on.
Some other benefits: becoming the link between NethServer and NextCloud, goodies, deep knowledge on NextCloud, huge appreciation from the community!

If you care about NethServer and his community, please step forward!


Great to hear that! :heart:

Sorry, is too early. I am going to be in Germany from second week in October.

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That’s a pity :worried: we haven’t found anyone for this conference.

Hi Alessio,

its realy clumsy at this time in this year, cause a aged sixty on 21th of september and celebrate this event with many friends. So I’m busy whole the week.

Sorry !

Telekomiker !

P.s.: Mybe on the next event. The Distance of ariunt 600KM from Frankfurt to Berlin is not a big point …

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Don’t worry! thanks for your interest anyway :slight_smile:

Hey Alessio,
It think it is a good conference to visit but: It’s an 8h train ride from here to Berlin and on monday, school begins for me :frowning: . I’m very sorry :frowning: . But the ‘joining forces’ announcement are good news!

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Thanks Mika for your interest, unfortunately conference is passed but our collaboration is still active.
I guess @Alep have some great news from Berlin. Ale, can you list some stuff and interesting updates?

I followed a bit the conference via twitter in spare time, so I have only some general information, but it must have been really interesting !

First day was business oriented, with the announcement of their new “Nextcloud box”, to make people realize how easy it is to keep the data at their home:

The community manager Jos Poortvliet opened the conference and Frank Karlitschek talked about the future of nextcloud.

The weekend was dedicated to lightning talks, with keynotes by Jane Silber (CEO at Canonical) and Karen Sandler (CEO of Software Freedom Conservancy).
Lightning talks explained arguments such as collabora integration, android app, federation, calendar integration, the use of webservices, security architecture and many others.

Remaining days was dedicated to hackatons and ad-hoc meetings.

Some links:

Here is an interesting summary of the conference by Hagen Graf.