Nethserver as domain controller


(luciano) #1

Hi all,
I installed Nethserver, set up as Primary Domain Controller, then created users, groups, share folders.
All is ok when I connect an Xp client to the domain: the domain account is correctly created, the Z:\ share links to the user folder in Nethserver. I change path of Documents folder linking to Z:\ and all works fine.
The problem raises when I try to connect a Win 10 or Win 7 client. I modified registry as the help page but each time I log into user domain a temporary user is created losing the Z: connection.
In USERS folder under C: disk many folders appear: temp, temp.domain.000, temp.domain.001, temp.domain.002, one new each time I log in and Win 10 shows the message: A temporary user profile is created; in Italian: l’accesso è avvenuto utilizzando un profilo temporaneo.
I have already tried to disconnect from the domain and rejoin it but the problem is always the same.
Many thanks in advance for your help.

(Bogdan Costin) #2

Could you take a look and see if the profile folders are corectly created for that user ?
Keep in mind that windows 7 uses a V2 profile folder.


(Stéphane de Labrusse) #3

W8-> V3

they have messed a bit the profile folder

(luciano) #4

Hi Bogdan and Stephane,
thanks for your reply :smile:
I checked Samba version in my NethServer installation and it is 3.6.23-14.el6_6
I verified users profiles under var/lib/nethserver/profile and I see profiles like: lucius, lucius.V2, admin, admin.V2, and so on.
I created them using the graphical page under NethServer web admin page.
The question is: have I to update Samba version to 4? How can I create a V3, V4, V5 user profiles?
(V1), V2, V3, etc means that the client OS, e.g. Win 7 chooses its proper version of user profile?
Thanks. Luciano

(Bogdan Costin) #5

Hi Luciano,
Those folders should be created by the system.
If they do not exists, could mean a write access issue.

You can try and experiment in creating by hand that profile and set the according rights EX: like copy the user.V2 to user.V3 or user.V4 or user.V5 so you can preserver the access rights.
But they will have to be empty at first.

The windows SO should populate them after you log in with your user into the machine.
An alternative is to check on SAMBA site the coresponding tweak in the registry for your type of windows and apply it to the registry. Assuming that you have all the rights to write on the folder.

Best regards

(Stefano) #6

not NS related, but could help:

some entry in windows’ registry are needed

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #7

It is a bug and it must be reported. You can not have roaming profile without the {V3,V4,V5} folders.

(luciano) #8

Hi all,
and of course: you are very, very kind. Thanks.
Now I tried again with a Win 7 client and I confirm that it works correctly.
In NS wiki I read that “NethServer emulates a Windows 2000/NT domain controller”. In another forum people noticed that Win 10 doesn’t support Windows 2000 domain controller.
Perhaps the problem is NS doesn’t support Win 10 clients for this reason?

(Stefano) #9

W10 is supported as long as you “patch” the windows’ registry

(Stefano) #10

when a new user is created, all the needed subdir in his home dir must be created…

thans to M$ that keep thing easy :slight_smile:

(luciano) #11

Following the workaround proposed by Bogdan after I created userfolder.V5 empty folder starting from userfolder.V2 first for the admin and then for one normal user the join to the domain and the logon of Admin and normal user go ok.
Perhaps could updating Samba to the last version solve this problem?
However, till new solutions I think I will create manually .V5 folders for the W10 clients.

(Stefano) #12

This is a NS’ issue, not a samba one

(luciano) #13

Ok Stefano.

(Davide Principi) #14

I agree with @zamboni and @stephdl: we need to file a bug/enhancement to fix this.

So the proposed solution is creating the empty .Vn folders? The following code is responsible for that:

Does anybody want to take care of

This could be a good workbench to learn the development process! (@alefattorini)

Workbench to learn the development process
(Alessio Fattorini) #15

Totally agree, just opened a new topic about that

(Bogdan Costin) #16

I’ve created a fork on Git. It should now create all the windows profile folders required (also added for the delete account script). I did not have the time to test this but is should work
It has to be tested though :smiley:.
Please provide feedback so we can merge this into NS.

Best regards

(Alessio Fattorini) #17

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while @Ctek is doing the hard work, i have opened the issue :slight_smile:

(Stefano Fancello) #19

Hi guys, I’ve fixed this and built an rpm.
But sadly I can’t test it because I’m allergic to Windows…Package is in testing repo and issue needs QA :wink:


I’m now understand the avatar :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: