NethServer as additional Domain Controller

Hi guys, is Neth going to act as additional Domain Controller in the future?

I hope so but we rely on Samba and for instance sysvol replication is not supported actually.

How to join NethServer to a domain as DC, don’t use in production:

My partly successful tries:


I have tried the Zentyal 5.0, it can join Win2008 server domain, or another Zentyal domain as a DC. Not sure how they do in the background. I am still quite confuse about Samba run in a container and the rational behind it.

Redhat doesn’t provide AD-enabled samba packages.

Some links to “container” discussions:

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I found this but I don’t know if it’s a viable way


Adding another (uncontrolled) repository for CentOS Samba4 packages? :thinking:

Bad idea - if something breaks, then this could be a problem…

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