Nethserver as a backup station

That’s awesome! I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello Adam,
I would like to ask you if your backup via WAN are only incremental or a mix of full and incremental.

After the initial backup, they were block based incremental backups forever.

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could be interesting indeed

Already done…

My NethServer instance is my Backup Station, it’s my Time Machine Backup :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :beers:

typically the rpm you built with rpmbuild should be pushed to nethforge or any other repository.

For the Backup Station, I think that Avahi wll be a good help :wink:

Please @Adam and @danielecurto can you share with us your notes about urBackup?
It would be super interesting move forward on this, permitting the community to test your solutions!

I can help you to translate things!

  • Enable EPEL Repository
    yum localinstall

  • Disable Epel Repository
    eorepo centos-{base,updates} nethserver-{base,updates}

After that, now it’s time to install UrBackup after having enabled the UrBackup repo:

    cd /etc/yum.repos.d
    yum install urbackup-server
  • Create the UrBackup folder, where the VHDX images and backedup files will be stored.

    mkdir /opt/UrBackup-Backup
    chown urbackup /opt/UrBackup-Backup

  • The following TCP and UPDmust be open:
    TCP Ports 55413,55414,34255,35621,35623
    UDP Port 38164

    config set urbackup service status enabled TCPPorts 55413,55414,34255,35261,35623 access private
    config set urbackup-udp service status enabled UDPPort 38164 access private
    signal-event runlevel-adjust
    signal-event firewall-adjust

In this case, all the TCP and UDP ports will be open on private LAN

  • now, turn the service on and enable it on startup

    chkconfig urbackup-server on
    service urbackup-server start

  • Login at http://Nethserver_IP_ADDR:55414

  • Change default backup folder’s path winth /opt/UrBackup-Backup

Note: Due to Nethserver Centos version, the 6.7 in this case, in the configuration menu, the “Mail” form, where there are all the email setings, won’t appear. This because of old cURL version in the legacy Centos.
I tested UrBackup on Centos 7 and everything works perfectly.


Thanks man I’m going to test it soon! Good work :ok_hand:

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Wow, So cool! I love it.
Very easy :slight_smile: it has discovered my clients and started with a files backup and image backup of the entire C volume.
Statistics part and advanced features are very nice as well


woow! That`s again right what I wanted!

Thanks @danielecurto ! Will test as soon as I will get my new HDD. Is it possible to add link to interface to “Apps” section in Nethserver?

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We need a NethServer module that does that, test it let us know your feedback :slight_smile:
If many people are interested we can open a bounty and move it on NethForge.

:thumbsup: This looks really interesting. :slight_smile:

I have had an issue when I tested the howto, the port 554141 was unreachable. I never tried again,

@alefattorini did you success at the first shot.

@stephdl you mean port 55414 ? Right? I get connected without problems. Even I am connected to my network using openVPN.

@danielecurto thanks for this hint. I was looking for something like that.
Installation was easy thanks to your how to. I could reach the interface at the first time.

But i have one problem: Server complains about the folder in that the temporary file should
be stored, that there are no rights. /opt/Urbackup-Backup has owner urbackup, group
urbackup and permission 750. In “settings/server/Backup storage path” i wrote /opt/UrBackup-Backup.

Do you know witch directory is ment? I don’t find settings for temporary files.:hushed:

EDIT: the problem is that urbackup can not make temp dirs in /temp. but /tmp has rights 777.

Odd, please show the output of this command
ll /opt/
and a screen of urbackup settings

[root@nethserver /]# ll /opt/
total 8
drwxr-x—. 2 urbackup urbackup 4096 Apr 21 15:21 clients
drwxr-x—. 4 urbackup root 4096 Apr 21 16:02 UrBackup-Backup