Nethserver as a backup station

I’m looking to do a new backup module and possibly with bareos, since I have already done nethserver-BackupPC. But more I dig deeper in it, and more I feel that it is not handy to play with. Of course the installation is quite easy but you must write your settings in the configuration files, bareos-webui is really light.

So for the most common people it is not easy, but I think that the target of this software is rather system/network administrators.

So I would have some returns on bareos, or other products if you have in mind


What is exactly the purpose of the Backup station?
I asking because the latest randsome virus encrypt everything they can reach. If they can reach a backup station it will encrypt it as well.
Anyway everyone should do backup. I am using Veeam free Endpoint-Backup on my Windows PC because it is easy and does the job but if I have the USB drive connected with the PC and I catch a virus my backup is gone as well.

I still have in mind Nethserver should be for everyone who has some IT knowledge but will not step in deeply to setup a server (private, freelancer, small business). The Backup is one of the important part of the infrastructure but most of the people don’t spent much attention. It should be easily done as well.

I think this page will show a large panel of backup solutions:

I already read something about Amanda, which is the most known solution…
Perhaps the better.

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I’m behind this idea since many users asked it over the time and we have done some work in the past with @giacomo @jelle @WolfAddict @AbsyntH @paglino @malvank

What’s changed since then? Is Bareos evolved? Web-ui looks very cool

Web-ui can only perform restoration, see backup state, launch manually a backup… but never been used to change settings…all need to be done by the configuration files.

The purpose is to backup by the network all computers connected in. Concerning the crypto virus, they work with share permanently mounted and i believe they need a computer running the crypto virus for encrypting your data. Ok if your data are encrypted…the backup software will save unreadable data.

If i’m wrong please correct me…i’m a dummy boys for all concerning microsoft

What is

Let say my Windows computer has a crypto virus and it starts to encrypt all data on my computer. It will try to encrypt all data it can reach via network as well. If it a sophisticated virus it may be able to handle Linux system as well. It may be able to start a process on a Linux system.

Now is the question will a process on my Windows computer have write permission on the backup station?
If yes the data will be lost.
If not you can clean the Windows computer and restore the data from the backup station :smile:

If it able to start a process on the Linux system and can reach the back up drive it will encrypt all data in the backup station as well. :weary:

No it will not be able to start anything on linux.
It will however encrypt all the data on the shares wher the user will have RW rights.

As long as it isn’t using a bug in the system to get write permission.

This is highly not probable. The crypto viruses are targeted 99.0% on M$ systems.

The possibility is not 0.0% but very unlikely to happen. In all the cases so far the files are encrypted only where the user has access.
So no. The crypto viruses (so far) do not run from M$ systems to Linux (they will require a lot of logic and access rights)

Anyway we are OT with this discussion and slip into security realm.

I agree it goes in security or disaster realm but a back up is the first step for security and we shouldn’t stop thinking there.

I agree that most of them are designed for Windows but if you read the reports it was happen that the whole data of hospital were encrypted, done in Australia. I don’t believe they had only M$ system running.

I meant window network drive with a domain authentication. Once logged to his session a user is logged to all his network shares. If he has RW rights then a crypto virus can encrypt data on the remote server.

I do believe it was the problem in the hospital

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Have you looked at UrBackup as an option for this?

Hi, I’ve installed UrBackup on Nethserver. It seems to work properly. I am testing on a Nethserver with a RAID 5 configuration. I am testing with 5 PC, full backup.
I also tested a full restore in two different cases. Same machine with another disk and a restore onto a different PC. It works perfectly in both cases.


Urbackup is possibly a good candidate but it lacks of clients for linux (rpm based are provided but not for debian/ubuntu)

Rpm for fedora/centos are available


this topic is good to be true… this is a must have on my environment :smile:

There is a client also for debian/ubuntu, of course not in deb.
I’d like to suggest write down some features of both with the intention of draft a comparative
@Adam and @danielecurto already know urbackup while @stephdl Bareos. Does anyone else want to contribute?

I have since switched to a different product for various reasons, but at one point I had UrBackup backing up roughly 10TB of data from 60 Windows clients using a server with 16GB RAM and 6x 3TB HDs in a RAID10. Once initial backups completed, it worked very well. Oh, all of these clients were remote (backup via WAN).

You can find the exact feature list on their website. I just wanted to mention it because I know it works well.

Would you mind creating an howto for urBackup on NethServer?
Your experience sounds very cool!
Can you describe some additional scenarios?

Adam that’s an amazing news! So you can help @danielecurto to show use Urbackup power! :smile:

With great pleasure I will share my (small) knowledge with you all. I need a couple of days to translate the italian HowTo I’ve already wrote.

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