Nethserver Academy

Today I bring this idea in my hand, clinging like a balloon :balloon: . I hope someone can help me tie my arm, so that the idea will not leak into the stratosphere.

nethserver Academy.


Good idea :bulb: @alefattorini @giacomo @davidep is possible this?


I think this is a great idea and one of the best ways to get the word out about a product! As a media professional I would suggest using video (maybe youtube) get a chat going where you can interact with the people viewing your tutorials.


How would you organize it? Any idea? Video? Just keep in mind that making Videos needs time :slight_smile:
I like this idea I suggest starting small with a minimal viable product

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Hi @SkintArtist there are video tutorials, which you can do is teach online, ie; gather a group of new users in the field and go explaining it essential to clarify doubts.


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Yes. Actually think may start soon. No need to invest much more time in what we are already doing. I refer to the work of the Wiki, the “How to” forum, and even the official documentation.

This inspiration has three roots:

  1. A great confidence in NethServer thanks to the solidarity of our community and our communicational dynamics that overcomes borders and languages.
  2. Monitoring the excellent work we have been doing for feeding a knowledge base. Highlighting its management to forum content and contributions to the wiki. I motivated to have this globe in my hand for the work of Brother @dnutan with improved content on the wiki, which I am committed to translating into Spanish.
  3. The commitment to move forward on a project that I love, the School Intranet, with a platform that trust, Nethserver, with a supportive and open community, our tribe.

Agree Alessio. It should be an initiative for better organization of what we are already doing, without radical changes. We are confident that this improvement will attract any new users interested in learning. So we have endeavored to the extent of our possibilities.

And we have that, my countryman!.

Thousands of men and women guardians of the Bolivarian Centers of Informatics and Telematics (CBIT) already formed in Caciquitxs, to be formed in the management of the School Intranet but have not been able to receive training in School Servers, academic project - with the strengths lines described above - I decided to take with a group of brothers and sisters who follow me.

In fact, initially, there are hundreds of tutors should replicate the knowledge of ‘School Server and Intranet’ to those thousands above. Hundreds of people who will be describing experiences in a regional forum, a social network as part of the network that reaches our source of knowledge, either to feed on this or to sow and harvest.

The farm knowledge of our tribe

The need seems to be a better link to different sources of knowledge. Language teams as ambassadors of this tribe around the world.

I have breakfast … I’m very poetic hehehe :joy:

Edited: Oh excuse me @alefattorini

In a dream How should a small group? It will be a small growing group with a minimum investment of the product

It is an interesting LEGO

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I did find two videos and I think one was a tutorial, but the point is I had to look. If you want more exposure you have to promote your education whether it is video or text. Successful open-source projects like Ubuntu have a very exposed tutorial base. Though it is not organized it’s everywhere. I would start by making it one of the first things you see when you land on the community website and promote it heavily on social media around the open-source world. All you have to do is get a little exposure and the open-source community will do the rest.


I have thought of giving classes online, and keep those publications


Why not take this a step further. IF Nethesis is willing to adopt the program it could evolve to an official certification track for NethServer.
Don’t take it lightly! Creating and managing a certification track is a LOT of work, but it would create the option to have certified NethServer admins.
Maybe a brainstorm session to set goals on this any time soon?


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: it would be great

Excellent vision brother @robb!

We all will be benefited with an effort that is well organized is valuable. An additional benefit that I don’t know if another company similar to Nethesis will be providing.

I agree!

There are common elements since the diversity of interests and areas. Nethserver can be preferred, in addition, for the user support, and academic foundation

Good, I already started something in this way. Refactoring our wiki
Would you like to continue it with your tribe? First point, re-organize and give more visibility to the existing docs.

I think it’s a bit premature at this stage, let’s work on our documentation consequently we are able to make exams :smiley:

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Ehi Josh welcome here, every contribution will be fantastic. Please keep us update about this video, I’m looking forward watching it!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of the discussion, but I feel like I might be over stepping my ability’s here so I going to - bow out - as we say here in the US and let the Linux pro’s handle this.

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For example: pfSense Fundamentals and Advanced Application


Today we program the first node of the Academy of Free Knowledge NethServer with @jgjimenezs

This is worldwide, not only in Venezuela. Do you like the idea?

Dare and add your neighborhood!

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I’ll support this! Great initiative…
I hope you get some English docs too since my Spanish is rather poor…


I accept. I have more time, im up to the game

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That’s great, what do you think about some webinars? @apradoc @robb and @jgjimenezs
We might do them in different languages with specific topics, registering them for future use


I think it’s great my friend

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