NethServer 8 subscription based on Debian

Continuing the discussion from NS8 - Backup and restore (Windows file share):

This theme is recurring in other discussions and I’d like to give some explanation here.
Just a few points:

  • subscription is not equal to Support here in community
  • subscription means Commercial Support by Nethesis and additional services. (BTW for NS8 this is working in progress)

We didn’t drop Debian Commercial subscription, because it has never existed so far.

It will be possible to continue installing NethServer 8 on Debian; the goal of not depending on a single Linux distribution remains firm. We don’t want to make the same mistake as in the past.

However, managing multiple scenarios at the support level is really complicated, especially in this initial phase. Nethesis is not a big corporation so we need to concentrate our efforts, and we have decided to focus on Rocky.

This doesn’t mean that the NethServer community can’t do it; in fact, I hope it happens. We welcome testing and support from as many people as possible, and devs will try to assist where we can. We know there are a lot of Debian enthusiasts around here, and I rely on their support :slight_smile:

In summary, the Debian version will continue to exist, but at the moment, commercial support from Nethesis is not in the plans.


Any chance to have the 2 first levels open for any (supported) distribution?

No ticket, etc., just an official way to show appreciation for your work :slight_smile:

Community (Free Appetizer) level is already here. No subscription, just users supporting/helping each other (there is no restriction about used distribution).

For the Crostino plan lets wait for an official answer.

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