Nethserver 7 - something could be better


testing nethserver 7 last week - good feeling, but some features I hope we can find in future:

  • Data-restore via webfrontend - with selection of day , directory/file to restore
  • Configuration-restore with selection of date - now it’s only possible to restore the last configuration-backup
  • fax-client in german / english at least - now it’s only in italian
  • sogo >new mail … everytime a small input-window, Everytime have to click on “bigger” … place it in basic-config
    a) little window (default) b) big window c) open in new tab
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Hi @rowihei from Germany, happy to see you still around

Asked many times, I totally agree we have to improve this part.

@Ctek is working right on this, take a look and give him a feedback

You’re right, already discussed it please add your opionion

Fax Server / FaxWeb 2.0 in English?
NS 7: FaxWeb2 vs AvantaFAX

Could you add more screenshot about that? So I can get the issue

EDIT: I think the restore proposal deserves a separate topic

@rowihei are you still around? Would you mind replying to my questions? :slight_smile:
Would you like to join our german team?

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