Nethserver 7.3 within VirtualBox using 2 NIC cards

NethServer Version: 7.3
Module: 116

I wanted to simulate Netheserver running within a VM, using 2 NIC cards. I tried to follow the steps posted by others, but this is not what I wanted to simulate. I wanted RED traffic flowing on NIC card A, and Green traffic flowing on NIC card B. I finally solved the problem and I figure I share it with the group. Instead of using Bridge on adapter 1 and Host-only on adapter 2. Which forced me to stay within the VM. I bridged both adapters. At first I had to hard code my ip address within my laptop to communicate to Nethserver, by using a 192.168.1.x ip address. After I activated DHCP on NethServer, I went back to my laptop and set my NIC card back to receive DHCP …

I can confirm this behaviour with VMware player. I tried to setup vm, had the same thoughts as you, bridged wan interface, host-only lan interface, but ended up, like you, with setting both adapters in bridge mode after I tried NAT mode too with no luck.

I can advise you to read the tutorial that @Ctek has written: How-To: Create a NethServer instance in VirtualBox machine
Then RED interface is bridged and the GREEN interface is set as host only. The host only settings are done in a way you can reach the GREEN interface from the host.
I have used this setup several times. It has great advantages since you can actually have a full NS instance reachable from the GREEN interface of the VM without interfering in the LAN subnet.

I tried the virtualbox installation of Nethserver with 2 NICs and it worked like a charm. With VMWare player I had to play(enable/disable/set ip/dhcp) with the host-only adapter in VMware and in the OS to make it work. But in virtualbox everything worked out of the box. Here is my virtualbox config:

Don’t forget to allow promiscuous mode in the advanced network settings of the host-only adapter:

Nethserver then started with two green DHCP interfaces in different networks(my LAN and the host-only network), so I changed the WAN one to red, the LAN one to static and that’s it.
But as you have two seperate networks bridging both adapters is ok, the config with one bridged and one host-only interface is just for test cases to have Nethserver as real firewall working behind a router in a LAN and not to be the router itself.