NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood"

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Hi Davide,

Can you help me with “How to manage NS 7a3 - Samba4 AD with RSAT installed on Windows 10”?

I think is the final test for Samba 4 AD on NS7a3 regarding Windows in this moment.
I will also try to add an Ubuntu computer in Samba 4 AD (I don’t know how but I will learn, also with the NS Community support).

After that, Sharing files and folders, when will be available.

So, I’m stuck here: please see the attached pictures

I found an article:

Is for CentOS 6.3 with Samba 4 DC, but I refer from there to the open ports:

"Configure the firewall to have AT LEAST these ports open:

53, TCP & UDP (DNS)

88, TCP & UDP (Kerberos authentication)

135, TCP (MS RPC)

137, UDP (NetBIOS name service)

138, UDP (NetBIOS datagram service)

139, TCP (NetBIOS session service)

389, TCP & UDP (LDAP)

445, TCP (MS-DS AD)

464, TCP & UDP (Kerberos change/set password)

1024, TCP (AD?)

For RSAT tools and extras other ports may need to be opened. Microsoft has a list of the port required which you can find here:"

These ports must be opened?

In this case I must to add “Basic firewall” module from “Software center” to configure the rules/services/ports?

Is there other approach or isn’t necessary to open those ports?

If those ports must be opened, can be opened by default when you add/configure “Account provider: Samba Active Directory” module?

Or, more simple question: where and what did I wrong?


The linux container running samba DC has an open firewall setup: no need to change port settings!

Remember the IP address you entered before pressing “Start DC”: that is the AD IP (and not the NS one)!



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