Join workstation to Alpha3 DC

@davidep excuse me for jump in this. I did the hole thing new and now i’m at the samepoint as before. Should i be able to ping both ips of the dc?

what point? Sorry but I don’t get you! :dizzy_face:

sorry for beeing unclear. I ment the point some posts above (yesterday).

When I try to join a win 7 machine to the dc i get an error, that the dc was identified, but that it couldn’t connect. And windows suggests, that there is something wrong with DNS or that the DC is not connected to the network at all.
I tried the command from samba with “host-t SRV _ldap.” and others and get a correct answer.
So i was asking myself, if i should be able to ping the dc itself or anloy the host-machine.
thanks. Ralf

Is the win 7 configured with or NethServer IP as DNS?

DNS is, is not pingable

So .231 is NS?

Could you execute on windows a command equivalent to

host-t SRV _ldap.

I think nslookup may work…

yes you are right, .231 is NS.

on NS the commands: