NethServer 6.8 "Final" released!

I’m proud to announce that NethServer 6.8 has been released and is publicly available and is the newest long-term support release.


There are a ton of major changes to NethServer and it’s impossible to cover them all in detail here, so here are some of our favorite highlights.

  • Based on the recently released CentOS 6.8 operating system,
  • SELinux policy changed from permissive to disabled
  • Package collectd upgraded from version 4 to 5

Firewall: web interface for policy routing

New interface module for managing policy routing rules.

Simplified Multi WAN configuration

New configuration for the multi-wan monitoring along with a new interface.


As always, there have been several changes with a focus on performance. This includes an optimized ntopng since it heavily used redis to save temporary data about host network traffic. In a scenario where there are many hosts involved, ntopng will highly increase redis memory usage

Use DNSBL to fight spam

Better spam filtering by using the DNS-based Blackhole List (DNSBL),

  • Support for CIDR and IP ranges as source and destination for proxy bypass

Bonding mode

It’s now possibile to create a bond with specific mode (active-backup, balance round robin, etc) from the Network page

NethForge enabled by default

Support for installing and enabling the NethForge Software Center category by default, allowing users to find extra modules built by the community.

YUM clean button

New button for cleaning the YUM transactions for freeing up disk space and resolving software installation issues.

New “Public IP” field for OpenVPN

Added a remote field in OpenVPN interface to cover some scenarios where the OpenVPN client can’t find the server by searching for its host name

Support for multiple interfaces on ntopng

Now enabling ntopng, all traffic passing through several network interfaces will be analyzed

Other improvements

  • Hairpin NAT from blue and orange
  • New release of WebTop with support for Active Directory, data import from SOGo, and many other updates
  • Upgrading to Owncloud 7.0.13
  • Updated language pack and new Portoguese Brazilian language
  • Multiple fixes for: PPPoE, sNAT, IP/MAC binding, squid, RoundCube, DHCP, pulledpork, adagios, vsftpd, pop3 scan, group email addresses creation.
  • Improve fax report quality
  • Web antivirus whitelist
  • AD groups for squidguard profiles
  • IPsec tunnels with PPPoE
  • New WPAD implementation which includes also proxy bypass
  • Mail to fax
  • Many bug fixes and small enhancements
  • Enhancements to email archive filter
  • L2TP now correctly works with multi WAN
  • IPSec tunnels automatically enable firewall-to-firewall traffic
  • support for using IP and CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) ranges as the source and destination for the proxy bypass settings, Add CIDR subnets and ip ranges as hosts without proxy in Proxy
  • Samba now supports roaming profiles fir Windows 8,8,1 and 10
  • Samba shares can now be browseable or hidden
  • Various bug fixes on firewall rules and objects, backup web interface, trusted networks, coova chilli, dashboard and bond configuration

Upgrade from version 6.7

Start the update as usual from the Software Center page. It is recommended to reboot the system at the end of the update procedure.

Thank you

As usual, we’d like to first thank the overall NethServer community for contributions toward this release — whether it was in pull requests, feedback, bug reports and suggestions.


NethServer 6.8 from SourceForge (490MB)

Torrent link: nethserver-6.8-x86_64.iso.torrent


The Best System!!!


I’ve just installed on a new machine and I always get the clear yum cache error, and I cannot install any module.

Hi guys, great job. Update without problems. Everything works fine.
No entry with “failed” in boot.log or message.log!!
Thank you very much! :clap::clap::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Could you please add a little more info?

Just execute these commands from the shell and paste the content:

  • yum repolist -v
  • yum grouplist -v
  • yum install @group_name where group_name is a name of module

After “Hulk Hogan”… “Europe”…

We have definitly not the same taste for blondes :grin:


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Ahaha ok, 7 will be this! the Bon Jovi Release, Always with NethServer!


It’s interesting. Frist I had to install from console nethserver-file-server, and after that everything works fine.

Can’t install anything !

O.K. I was able to install the file server…

we can help you?

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I saw on distrowatch this “SELinux policy changed from permissive to disabled”…
Is there no SELinux policy anymore… SELinux disabled dy default? :confused:


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Because SELinux in permissive mode is useless.
The only thing it does, it’s filling the audit.log :wink:

on my server ran the update , however the nethforge was not enabled

IIRC only new installs have it enabled by default. If you upgrade from 6.7 you still need to install it from Software center.

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Hello people. My name is Serhiy and I’m new on your community…and in Linux world but I’m trying to solve this with different online Linux courses and manual …and I registered to your community to try to do my contribution to Nethserver which I already use in a company where I’m working. When I updated the our Nethserver from rel.6.7 to rel.6.8 I had an VM in a saved state which won’t start from VM console Manager and I use the force boot option from command line to start it.

This is due to the fact that I saved VM before update with a permisive selinux state that was changed to disable after update.

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Welcome here,
thanks for your information, it’s a known issue! I know @giacomo is already working on that.