NethServer 6.7 rc1 ready for testing

NethServer 6.7 is coming!

Dear testing team (@vcc, @mabeleira, @medworthy, @dz00te, @fasttech, @GG_jr, @Adam) and anybody else,
the NethSever 6.7 rc1 ISO is ready for testing. It’s about 477MB and is available as Bittorrent download at

* sha1sum
  1ab8b8938b369b3f634178291b2dbb30fe00ddba  nethserver-6.7-rc1-x86_64.iso

* md5sum
  8d822379e9838b4884b62dff723bd66b  nethserver-6.7-rc1-x86_64.iso

The ISO is built on CentOS 6.7 minimal ISO, and contains additional NethServer packages from 6.6 and 6.7 beta1 branch.

I installed it successfully on a VM, following the unattended install method. After reboot everything worked as expected, from First configuration Wizard to installation of additional modules from the Software Center.

Further tests should cover

Who wants to help? Any upgrade of existing 6.6 system is very appreciated :smile:


I’ll be upgrading two installs as soon as it’s done downloading.

Also seeding the torrent for a while.

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Thanks @Adam, torrent seeding is very appreciated :thumbsup:

Upgrade is only supported from rpm? Not from the ISO/CD?

Yeah, those commands must be issued manually.

This is not a technical limitation but an upgrade policy. We can amend it. After 6.7 Final we could push the nethserver-release-6.7 package into 6.6 repositories to allow upgrading from the UI.


Hi Davide,

I will do in this way, on my home NetServer acting as UTM, from SSH.

Kind regards,


Log file (Davide, maybe you want this):


Upgraded one of my NS VMs and saw some odd behavior:

Firewall objects, firewall rules, multi WAN, port forwarding, traffic shaping and snat 1:1 are all missing from the menu

This is what’s installed

So… upgrading removed firewall package?

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Hi Adam,

You are right!

I observed this and I thought to start from scratch with 6.6 and then with upgrade again, to be sure that is not a mistake but now no longer the case.

And on Installed packages, Italian language appear as Installed.

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Looks strange, tomorrow @davidep will take a look asap
About Italian is normal, now you can remove it, before 6.7 you can’t :wink: @giacomo am I right?

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I’m looking at

It is considered the expected behavior of upgrading the firewall package. The manual fix is provided by the test case 2, with command

yum update @nethserver-firewall-base

@giacomo, we’ll write down a release note about it!

Edit: only the UI is missing. The applied firewall configuration must be left untouched. Please @Adam and @GG_jr can you confirm that?

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That resolved it!

Thanks! :smile:

Yes, it still appeared to be routing traffic. ipsec vpn even still worked!


You are right!

I did from Software center and now all are showing on left UI (although all worked: DHCP, …; there was no need to reconfigure).

Could you explain how did you achieve the correct firewall UI upgrade from the Software Center page?

The module Basic firewall was in Software center → Available.

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Hi Davide,

In this upgrade I don’t see Password manager in the left UI.
If I remember well, when I tested the upgrade from 6.6 to 6.7 Beta1 also not appeared, but with unattended ISO installation (6.7 Beta1) it was.


It is now bundled with nethserver-directory RPM. If you installed File server, Mail server or any other module requiring User and Groups, you must see the Password manager, too.

But if you’re looking at your firewall installation probably you don’t (and won’t) have it.

See also

Edit: BTW I can see “Password policies” into the @Adam’s screenshot above

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Hi Davide,

Thank you. You are right!


Yes. That mean he had installed before upgrade at least one of those modules who need password to access.