Nethserver 6.7 How to Bandwidth Control

Hi! coming from my another topic, and with help i manage migrate 90% of my scenario from Pfsense.
Now i stuck on find a way to control the band for a determined IP range.

What i did was follow the “tip” create Vlans for ip range
I whish to control the eth1 interface with the range or with help find another way out to do it.

So there is a way, to make it show the others Vlans on the traffic shaping (that would be problem solved) or a way to limit the band of a IP range ? also i was told to assign lower priority @filippo_carletti but don’t know exactly how to do that.


Traffic Shaping shows only eth0 (WAN)

This panel is just for RED interface and it is used to specify the maximum amount of bandwidth available in both outgoing and incoming directions.
VLAN isn’t still supported on Traffic shaping, you need to define a CIDR object with the VLAN network and make small trick by shell, this command will create a new rule:

db tc set "cidr;your_new_cdr_name" ip Description "Low priority" Priority 3
signal-event firewall-adjust

Hi, thx for the fast answer. So i din´t play much with CIDR before, i think it should be something like this for my IP range.

Based on your Screenshot your CIDR-Value would be the field “Net: CIDR Notation”.
So you CIDR-Value is

So, based on my CIDR setup

The command line should be like this?

 db tc set "cidr;limited" Limited Band "Low priority" Priority 3 signal-event firewall-adjust

Yes, did you try yet?

Yah i did, well if its suppose to create a rule on firewall tab, it din´t.
When i type that command in shell, its don’t return any message like successful or loading anything, i can type “cookie” there and its says nothing :smile:

EDIT: I think i got it to work. Happens that centos don´t like much upper case characters, i just change the description Limited Band to limited-band.
Now its return the message: /sbin/e-smith/db dbfile set key type [prop1 val1] [prop2 val2]...

After that command line, its suppose to create a visible rule in this tab?

I guess you miss this.
signal-event firewall-adjust

@thiagotw did it work out for you?

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