Bandwidth for specific user, MAC or IP address

Hello, I have found this thread interesting to me, but it has just stopped without any conclusion, I have a similar problem where I would like to control or allocate bandwidth to specif MAC or IP addresses for some user, my ISP is complaining that we are over utilizing the internet link and that’s why we are experiencing slow speed. please help me too.

the message I got too is /sbin/e-smith/db dbfile set key type [prop1 val1] [prop2 val2]… and with the screen short and that’s where I ended, what should I do next?

Are you using NethServer 6.8 or 7?

I’m the owner of that thread @EMMAN, but i didn’t got it to work like i whish on Nethserver, then i got back of last version of PfSense and its works like intend. Still wanna try on Nethserver though, any big change on that since 6.8 @alefattorini ?

Am running NethServer 6.6 not 7

By the way, this is what I use Nethserver for; As mailserver, and gateway…and once again like I told you am still fresh but very willing to learn as much as I can in UNIX/Linux. I would like to know the functionalities that NethServer can Play especially in Small Businesses like Micro-finance, Schools, Medical Centre, Supermarket etc.

That’s a wide question, take a look at some discussions here.
It’s not easy to explain all NethServer features, I need some help :slight_smile:

I understand your point, let me try to be specific, am running NethServer in micro-finance and the key role that the OS is playing (perfectly) by the way is e-mail (Linux box), users are able to receive and send e-mail faster than before we had introduced the NethSerther.

We went ahead and added a network card, configured it as a gateway too, at first the internet speeds were acceptable but now its too slow and our ISP is telling us that the link is being over utilized by us and this now leads me to the question of how can I regulate this internet usage on NethServer since its the gateway?

thank you for your time.

Use NethServer 7, declare how much bandwidth you have on the red (wan) interface (Network page), and use Firewall rules to assign priorities to protocols. If you need to prioritize pc clients or servers in lan, identify them as Host firewall objects and set priority.

Even NS 6.8 will be fine, setup is a bit more complex.

Thank you let me give it a shout with NethServer Version 7 and I will update you about my progress.

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