NethGUI prompts the wizard even if server was configured on cockpit

As topic title.
All the values were read by Cockpit settings, so it was only “next”.

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And i agree with you (and Giacomo, original poster), but… Cockpit no more as optional. If you want to backup you have to use cockpit.
So… Why, at the end of the config from Cockpit the prop is not modified automatically?

I think that is correct. Cockpit module should not interact with NethGUI one. Because NethGUI will be completely replaced in future.

Cockpit should interact only with one more prop, as it’s already doing for configuring the server…

We discussed internally about this but we didn’t reach an agreement.
So, I’m ok for Cockpit to set the prop to skip the wizard, but others do not agree :thinking:

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I agree to skip it, but perhaps we can hear the reasons against this decision.

And we may have a friendly debate for helping taking a (maybe) better decision.


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@dev_team what do you think?

if the wizard is done in cockpit, no needs to do it again in nethgui.

The inverse is true also

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What I’m asking is
“when you end the wizard in Cockpit, set the prop for NethGUI not invoke the wizard”
“when you end the wizard in NethGUI, set the prop for Cockpit not invoke the wizard”

Makes sense to you?


I agree

AFAIK there is no wizard in cockpit, and…

…we didn’t find any good event to bind this action.

My solution proposal: starting from NS 7.9 the new default value for httpd-admin/ForcedLoginModule is “” (empty string).

Editing the company name is my suggestion, otherwise the hostname.

In any case both GUI do the same thing, change the configuration of the server, there is no use for have quite the same processes on both side. Now GUI do not do the same thing, as stated in many bugfix topics…

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In my experience, only few people change the company name. We could add it to the FQDN change event, but the hostname is changed only if the machine is installed with a wrong name: usually it’s not a required operation.

I tend to disagree, until we have the old Server Manager installed by default, we do not know what UI the user will going to choose: and the wizard prevented a lot of misconfigurations.

In the end, I do not think we still have a clear path :thinking:

New installations could not install Nethgui at all starting from NS 7.9. Is it clean enough? :wink:

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Are you ready for cut the rope for all the packages that rely on php 7.4?



Ok, now I get it, but it’s not relevant: we will not modify existing installattions.

New installations could be without NethGUI installed by default, but nobody will prevent you to install manually the UI.