Neth8 Nextcloud

NethServer Version: 8
Module: Nextcloud

hello everbody
I try a baremetal Neth8 installation. Debian 11.5 server Neth8 AD. No cluster now one small server! But Nextclout is not running. Better can not be activated.
The FQDN of nextcloud is unnown (DNS or hosts Problem) and how i can place some Diskspace ?

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Hi Axel, thank you for testing NS8 Alpha on Debian 11! :heart:

Any error message in the Log page?

As NS8 is still in alpha, I’d suggest to reinstall. The quickest way to do it without reinstalling the OS (because you installed on bare metal) is to run the uninstall script, which destroys all your data :warning:

bash /var/lib/nethserver/node/

:fearful: Be careful, you’ll find many rm -rf commands in it: check if it’s fine for you.

An alternative soft approach is to remove only the Nextcloud module from the Software page, then install it again.

As we’re talking about bare metal, I’d mount the /home directory on a separate disk/partition. Anything that eases the filesystem growth, like LVM (?)… Debian sysadmins, please help me here :slight_smile:

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Hello David

no this small mashine is emty, and i can start agai with a fresch instll of OS or NS8. Simpel Debian 11.5 (server). No virtulasation so baremetal. Everything in the same partition size around 400G SATA SSD.

Installation of base system and AD are working fine. But i was confuesd about the IP range (did i need a external or internal IP (192.x.x.x external and no changing on the 10.x.x.x). I am unsing a subdomain as the base.

Than i try Nextcloud FQDN was okay. My problem was first witch IP ? an new one (unkown) the internal or external ? I try the external. Than the Nextcoud had no diskspace …

Configuration of Nextcloud is very small !?

Did i need LVM and a internal DNS/DHCP on may debian installation ? Most FQDN are in /ets/hosts ?

Hello Axel,

sorry by I don’t get this.
Can you please post a screenshot of the UI so I can better understand what we are talking about?

What do you mean?

That’s totally up to you. Personally, I’d go with LVM for VMs.

NS8 adds only a couple of entries to /etc/hosts, like these ones: cluster-leader cluster-localnode

Everything else is up to the DNS server.

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