Hi All,

My endeavors with playing around and working with production level network systems has gotten me to the realization that documenting IP addresses and Data center infrastructure can be a tedious endeavor

On Monitoring
We have come a long way as a community, and we currently have multiple many tools that can and are used for monitoring, tracking and suppor ton large It networks using nethserver.
from the ranges of

as an IT asset manageement and tracking tool
as a network monitoring solution
as a remote managed support and administrative tool
for remote work and desktop access scenarios.

Well in these endeavors i cam accross a nice tool, which i believe is going to be a wonderful addition to Nethserver in the category of the said systems.

NETBOX IP Address Management and Data Center Information Manager
Netbox is a tool as mentioned above, and it seems to have many functionalities, with an interface that is abit straight forward to use, than the likes of say, PhpIPAM

installation items
Here is an installation instruction link for the same
above is image of some requisite for the system

  1. PostgreSQL database
  2. Redis
  3. NetBox components
  4. Gunicorn
  5. HTTP server
  6. LDAP authentication (optional)

Anyone up to look into this, and we can help each other come up with a module for Nwethserver on the same.


I have test the installation, but too many dependence and is not easy work for server where around other service …

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what IP address management solutions do members n this community use, or even generally, network documentation solution.

lookng at the link here, there is a Docker image for the same, maybe we could use the portainer nethservwer docker to install it


Did you install it on Nethserver? I run netbox under ubuntu but would like to use Nethserver instead…

No i have not installed it on nethserver, maybe we could attmept to install it on Nethsevrer and see how it all goes.

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Yes, would be cool to run netbox and ansible together on Nethserver…

i guess the guys here in the group probably dont manage that many Ip adress.
i currently do since i sell internet, and its a pain

Docker install seems working:

Netbox-docker install

# install requirements
yum -y install git nethserver-docker

# enable portainer
config setprop portainer status enabled
signal-event nethserver-docker-update

# get docker-compose and set permissions
sudo curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

# get the docker environment
git clone -b release
cd netbox-docker

# write the docker compose config
tee docker-compose.override.yml <<EOF
version: '3.4'
      - 8000:8080

# get and start containers
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

Use portainer to join container “netbox-docker_netbox_1” to the aqua network.

You may open port 8000 by creating a service and browse to http://<NethServer>:8000 or use a name reverse proxy to http://localhost:8000 and login with user admin and password admin

To open port 8000 you may use command line or the web UI.

config setprop netbox status enabled TCPPort 8000 access green,red
signal-event firewall-adjust

Update netbox

cd ~/netbox-docker
docker-compose down
git checkout release && git pull -p origin release
signal-event nethserver-docker-update
docker-compose up -d

Configure netbox to autostart and use aqua network

Edit ~/netbox-docker/docker-compose.override.yml to look like this:

version: '3.4'
      - 8000:8080
    restart: unless-stopped
    restart: unless-stopped
    restart: unless-stopped
    restart: unless-stopped
    restart: unless-stopped
    restart: unless-stopped

    external: true
    name: aqua
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Good morning, great news! :+1: - will test the steps later…

As a 2nd step I would need to install ansible, how can I connect to the docker machine and install it?

Ansible should use the data from Netbox (API)…

Got a permission problem:

Fixed it with chmod…

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Thanks, I forgot to write it down, I corrected my post

No Problem…

Now I am here:

I think this is ok but I cant do the next step:

I try to do this:

Maybe I have to setup the firewall rules, trusted network… because I do it via VPN?

You need to signal-event nethserver-docker-update after config setprop portainer status enabled to make portainer available, I corrected my post again :innocent:

Then login to portainer and join the network there.

In Containers click on nethbox-docker_netbox1

Scroll down to the network settings and choose aqua and “Join network”

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Sorry, cant see any container:

Just click once on primary endpoint…

OK, did it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: - Tried to do the last step:

Open Port 8000 by creating a service?

this is fantastic news. Finally removing the need and dependency of operating many servers, and different variations of servers.

A quick question on Docker.

Does it mean that any software on the internet that has support for docker and has docker install instructions can be installed on Nethserver using the Docker portainer module?

do they include ones with docker image too?

Create a service in cockpit:

Add name, port and access

This process opens port 8000 for red and green.

Maybe like this:
config setprop netbox status enabled TCPPort 8000 access green,red
config set netbox service status enabled

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