Multiple Email Domains Send/Receive Emails

Is it possible to use Nethserver to send/receive emails for multiple domains such as, etc?
This server is connected to an AD for domain But i also would like to receive and send emails as

So far what i did is created alias for --> I connected the account on thunderbird but with email address as But its not sending out email. Is it not possible or i need further config?

Also if i point the MX record domain to the main nethserver, will it accept emails for all alias users

How do you send your mails, with a smarthost or directly with Thunderbird?

I use a smarthost:


I do have a smarthost. I tried both, with or without. But emails from alias does not go out

Did you create a mail domain for
Are there send errors in /var/log/maillog?
I assume when sending via smarthost only is working because the smarthost doesn’t know about

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Yes created under Email Domain.

I have disabled smarthost. All emails should go out straight.