Multi domain LDAP and Email Accounts creation


Is it a must that when a domain is connected to nethserver, an email account is created.

A setup I was looking at is for user management, and ldap authentication, the emails will be hosted somewhere else will have other users with emails managed by nethserver

is this kind of setup allowed.

mainly whati need is the ldap setup, for other services but with multiple domains

In this scenario, use different virtual mailservers to eliminate downtime for domainA while fidling with settings that are for domainB.

If you have one server that needs to host all, I would install proxmox on that server, and host a virtual neth(mail)server per authentication domain on it.

You could suffice with a nethserver as virtio server, but that means less eneterprise features on your virtualization layer.


ill have different servers for the mail. nethserver will be used for ldap authentication, and also for nextcloud, that’s all. all other mail servers will be setup on other servers.