Moving from Zentyal 3.4 DC to NS7 DC (AD) at a medical institution

Mmh, I think I’ve to answer “in the netlogon share”. :slight_smile:
The linux path is /var/lib/nethserver/netlogon/netlogon.bat.

Leaving the office in a few minutes, happy new year everybody.

We´ll stay :innocent:- thank you so much!
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Last update: We extracted the Mails. Switched of the Zentyal. Changed the NS IP to the one of Zentyals. Started the PDC/AD and it worked perfect out of the box.
Windows Clients are easily integrated- Linux still not finished (pbis-open). AD administration with RAST perfect- only the roaming profiles didn´t work as I wanted to.
We had a big problem with exec. files on the shares not working under Windows- obviously a known problem
solves that- Uff.
Enough for today- :sunglasses:

Sorry- looks like not existing at our NS7 installation- any other ideas?

netlogon.bat build our self-

This is an option that’s not documented in the /etc/samba/smb.conf file, but that’s where it goes:

# Allow Windows machines to execute things that don't have
# the execute bit set
acl allow execute always = True

Thanks to for the info!

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So another problem- that’s working until you change something in the samba configuration e.g. creating a new share- then during the update process that change is overwritten and the trouble starts again- is there a template for the smb.conf that is used for this process, and could we place our necessary changes there?
By the way this is our genius technician who solved so many of our problems- and we’re already in production- so we will have a little rest and then I’m going to try to give you a sum up of the whole process.


I didn’t try this, but you may create a custom template:

mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/samba/smb.conf/
vi /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/samba/smb.conf/11globalexecfix

Paste the smb settings and save the file:

# Allow Windows machines to execute things that don't have
# the execute bit set
acl allow execute always = True

Then apply the changes:

signal-event nethserver-samba-update

I think it will work but if possible better to test it before on a virtual machine or test server.


We´ll do :yum:

I have tested this sniplet, it is working finne in testlab.
so we can do it in prodsys


@iglqut and @nikolaus.herrmann your speaking out loud definitely helped many people here, please keep us in touch with your achievements! I’m your huge fan, absolutely. :heart_eyes:


I also have been watching this thread with great interest!


So just a little update: we´re in production, everything working fine and really fast. The first update was fine, still all systems on GO.
In the meantime solved the Ubuntu 16.04 bringing into domain and signing in problem (I´m going to post that in the sum up)- but we did´nt do that in the production yet. The samba hardening, so that executables are still executable, after samba changes, still has to be done (we´ve just tested that in the Lab),
Roaming profiles (windows clients) are still not working yet- we get failure information and also not for the Linux clients (see above).
Backups are also working fine- but as the mySQL is part of it (what is good) even the incrementals need nearly 4 hours, which doesn´t matter in the night.
Today is day 9 of the server beeing up without restarting and all values in the excelent statistics information are looking good.
But we´re very happy with the situation so far and again thank you so much for your support.
So I think I´ll start the sum up end of the month, with some kind of a how to for the whole process.
Have a nice day


Watching with interest too.

Since you pointed out that backups are working, you should bear in mind that we are currently working through some restore issues on v7, you may or may not encounter the same issues but nothing beats a snapshot of the server… like clonezilla for ex;.


You’re absolutely right. We’re thinking about a mirroring solution at the moment because, we do have a second physical server. No idea at the moment how to implement that.

sorry for responding so late- I’ve also looked at Zentyal 5, but already in the lab it’s working like an alpha, not like a final version. I do not know your needs, so if you need AD or not, depends on what you want the system to do. We’re now for 10 days in production and the opportunity of AD is really fascinating and not possible with NT4. And it is more save- it should be much easier to restore an AD Domain then a NT4 domain- because, as it happend with our system, if the DC is gone, it’s gone.

No problem :slight_smile: I came to Nethserver earlier than I intended - and had not had as much of a look at clear os as I should have - but I had had enough of Zentyal. I really liked it when it was e-box or something, but it has lost so many features … and no news of an upgrade.

Just ironic that they release the new version a couple of days before I went and installed Nethserver.

The community here seems a lot more responsive than at Zentyal too.

I’m used to debian based systems - so having to learn the rpm way of doing things. Stop chowning to apache and so forth.



Totally agree.
By the way- yesterday after taking a Vm Ware snapshot of our server, because of a update- the DC (AD) was gone- all system files in the DC installation, were gone and we got a failure Massage at the server. After digging around we assumed, that probably the last update could have been the problem and we didn´t see because did no reboot, which we did for the snapshot. We don´t think that the snapshot was the problem.
Anyway- after a little discussion we decided to use the system backup of the night before, and it worked, everything up again, and so far no files missing.

Hi @Don_Robertson,
Been there, done that. I also come from Zentyal. I was one of the community pushers back in 2012-2014. I just migrated my Zentyal 3.2 server to NS 7RC3 and I don’t regret I moved away from Zentyal. I also am a .deb guy. I was deeply involved in the Zentyal project and still am quite sad that Zentyal couldn’t stay the all-in-one solution it was until Zentyal 4.0 came out. (from Z4.0 a lot of modules were taken out)

I did have quite some struggle to get used to an rpm based distro. But I can also confirm that I did get used to CentOS as a base instead of Ubuntu. It just takes some time and a lot of reading… ;). And don’t forget that this awesome community takes you by the hand whenever you need it!

I am sure you will not regret taking the step to switch. NS gives almost all you need and if you need more, you can always add it yourself (with the help of the dev team and the rest of the community).

have fun!


So here is my speech at the Nerthserver Conference as a Download (Mind-map as html) to complete the transition description: