More Info in Cockpit-Dashboard

As now cockpit is officially the new server manager, I’d like do give some wishes about cockpit dashboard.
I know, the dashboard shouldn’t be overloaded, but I think some infos are missing.

I’d like to have some more information in the dashboard:

  1. last update of antivirus databases
  2. IPs of Interfaces, the role (green, red,…) and the status (up, down)
  3. time and success of last backup
  4. raid status, if raid is used

The dashboard should give a quick overview about the status of the server and I think these infos are essential to the servers health status. There is more than enough space for this infos.

What do you think?

BR Ralf

EDIT: and a brief discstatus report would be fine. :slight_smile:


And data about the system (more than CPU and ram size)

I think these are great points. Let’s have a look what feature brings. Perhaps @giacomo can say something more, if it is planned.

We already discussed something like this somewhere else but I couldn’t find find the thread :frowning:

All Cockpit apps has a dashboard: each one full of info like the ones you are searching for.
So if something is missing, it should be added on the corresponding application.

The main dashboard could display extra general info, but honestly I do not know what in particular could be useful.

Just seeing the title I vote yes.
NethGUI is much better in this respect I think.
Esp. the simple link to read all logs.

I think you mean this thread:

There were more people thinking like me and I think we should reevaluate this.
The idea to have all info in the applications is right. Should be so.

But to jump to 5 or more different apps to get an clear overview about the status of the machine would be an inacceptable pain IMO!

Maybe NS8 (or is it possible in NS7 too?)… if there was a standard way to add a box to Cockpit dashboard page? Then add-ons could utilize this.

CentOS 7 will be EOL during 2024.
There’s still a lot of time to migrate 7.7 Cockpit Edition in a non beta version for all components and modules…

We are working on Cockpit for more than one year with a different dashboard behavior in mind, just to improve the user experience. I’m aware that we can’t make everyone happy :smiley:
I’m not saying that the Dashboard can’t changed or improved, but I believe that core devs are not going to reimplement the Dashboard anytime soon.

As always, I’m willing to help anyone else who want to work on it.

@giacomo Yesterday my testing server was full I didn’t notice it. I think that adding disk status (raid and space) on Dashboard can be very helpful.
Apart from this we can also improve it by showing a notice if last backup wasn’t successful.

I think it’s not necessary to show network interfaces on system dashboard.
And I don’t know about antivirus.

Maybe can be helpful also Multi Wan status.

What do you think?

A little example on a useful and compact way to view disk status

It could be helpful, but we already have the same info in other panels.

Indeed, this would be really nice to show in the dashboard, but I’d leave the backup aside.

@dev_team what do you think?

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We can add a new card in the Dashboard page near the Memory ones that includes Disk status ? :thinking:

But I don’t like too much this solution, I prefer to keep the Disk information in the Storage page

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I think that disk space and raid status are important as memory and swap…

Adding info into one place don’t mean that has to been removed from another one…

Cool man, this one’s new! Thanks! :star_struck:



@federico.ballarini did the great job! :wink:


youve got high disk usage :wink: