More Info in Cockpit-Dashboard

As now cockpit is officially the new server manager, I’d like do give some wishes about cockpit dashboard.
I know, the dashboard shouldn’t be overloaded, but I think some infos are missing.

I’d like to have some more information in the dashboard:

  1. last update of antivirus databases
  2. IPs of Interfaces, the role (green, red,…) and the status (up, down)
  3. time and success of last backup
  4. raid status, if raid is used

The dashboard should give a quick overview about the status of the server and I think these infos are essential to the servers health status. There is more than enough space for this infos.

What do you think?

BR Ralf

EDIT: and a brief discstatus report would be fine. :slight_smile:

And data about the system (more than CPU and ram size)