Mixed updates post among NS7 and NS8?

So. I read a post in “Updates for NethServer 7” and i found kmods about Wireguard, and a package for migration. Maybe my setups are not impacted by these packages, so I’m gettin them wrong, but the options i found plausible were:

  1. Not-yet released NS7 modules, not available into Software Center
  2. NS8 specific modules/packages

I personally prefer have two topics/releases between the products (which are totally distance except for the developers) but I think that’s still feasible… a way to differentiate not by packages (who reads should catch in a blink of eye if it’s NethServer7 or ContainerOrchestrator8) what they are related to.

nethserver-ns8-migration is used to migrate the NS7 modules to NS8 node of a cluster, wiregards is a dependency. I you do not install them on your NS7 then you are not concerned by these RPM


I agree with Steph: as those RPMs are a new feature of NS7 it is correct to see them among NS7 updates. BTW they shouldn’t be visible in the software center yet.

However, if I get Michael’s point, we have to keep discussions on this community separate. For this purpose I think appropriate topic tagging should work. If one is not interested about a tag, Discourse allows to mute it in the user’s preferences.

The tag #ns8 is quite widespread, I propose to hold on with it until a decision comes about if and how to change the ns8 product name.


Thanks for conferming the option 1

Two possible ways could be separate topics for the different products or tagged messages related to the correct one, these are simply the first ideas that come to me.


Agree, go with ns8 as for now