Is NethServer the right name for the new version?

That’s my comment a few days ago

I’m still reflecting on what @LayLow says. Obviously I am very attached to our “NethServer” but while the new version is taking the first steps I am more and more not convinced that it’s still a good choice.

NethServer is an old school server, all-in-one server, really connected with centos/rhel

NethServer8 is open hybrid cloud platform that gives you the flexibility to run your applications across environments—from bare metal to virtual machines (VMs), edge computing, private cloud, and public clouds—without having to rebuild applications. It’s an unified platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale.

Is NethServer the right name? What do you think? It’s a big open question with a lot of side effects


I am not sure if NethServer is the right name or not. However it is always good to review it periodically, especially when there is a major paradigm shift like what is occuring now.

If you are in the mood for a play on words, NetheSaas is always an option :wink: :laughing:


The name is “container orchestrator”.

NethServer reaches the next stage of evolution - NethOrchestrator


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I think that Cloud sofware group might want to have a word about that…


TBH didn’t had that cloud software group in mind but as you point out the name sounds very close to that (though was based on a core part of the company name “Neth” and the last word of the paragraph Alessio wrote, keeping the known initials “NS” from NethServer while having TailScale name in the back of my mind).

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NethServer name is fine.
Server has a wider meaning nowadays anyway.


I’m not against a new name, but I like the name NethServer too.

Before 1995 Microsoft Windows was not an operating system, it was just a… windows manager and some apps like Gnome. Then they changed completely the technology behind the screen and kept the same name, I think because windows were still there.

For NethServer, I think we can stretch the “all-in-one” concept a bit: in NS8 the word “one” is not referring to the (maximum) number of servers but to the single management UI for the whole cluster.


I agree with @davidep and @NLS . Personally, I really do like the name NethServer. It would be hard for me to change the name as it has gained a certain value, understanding, longstanding and comfort over time. Not that I am saying it should be changed, but if your gonna decide to change it here are some names I might look at… by no means is this exhaustive… but a few I will throw in to the ring.


@capote I think they should call the GUI NethOrchestrator

-NethEdge for the server main name - (OS)
-NethOrchestrator for the Administrator GUI (VueJs - Carbon Design)

Or not…

You could call the name…

NethFellowship and/or NethKinship … for the LORD of the Rings Fans out there… :slight_smile: Sorry couldn’t help it… Had to break it up a little…

Kingdoms and Companies have risen and fallen from a name change. It will be interesting to see what ya’ll decide.


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Nethserver comes from/derived from the company that took e-smith to the next level: Nethesis in Italy.

To most spoken of the languages the part ‘Neth’ is very hard to pronounce.

I understand the relation AND the emotion of the Nethesis and Nethserver background, but for the broader user/usage audience I believe it is of zero importance.

Furthermore, today we are way beyond a ‘server based’ erra. Today we have resources and instances, and for the most part (or at least direction) cloud architecture and no longer on premises focus.

And we have the governance of the ‘Open source’ Nethserver direction, community and activities. This seems to be very heavily steered (if at all these days) by a small (highly technical) group that are being payed and steered by a commercial company. Absolutely nothing wrong with that (Thank you Nethesis,) BUT I feel the question at hand and developments beyond are valid.

With NS8 we say goodbye to the old e-smith legacy 'stand alone all in one solution for SME’s. No more firewall and no server but cloud/instance, containerised apps. The world is changing more rapidly we can cope with. Let alone ‘AI’ kicking in, in deciding who is getting which part of the cake, how intense and into what degree.

So in short, it is not just the name (emotion, pronunciation, objectives, market place) but also about the steering of the Open Source part.

What to do in this ever changing world?

My 2 cents.


Let’s stop the Neth* hunting :pray:

I agree with LayLow, the Neth prefix is not necessary, the only exception is for the current name, NethServer: if we decide to change it, a completely new name is a better choice IMO.

I understand the world is moving and the point is interesting, but please don’t go off-topic.

ok, but we still need servers to run our apps, unless we buy some turnkey service somewhere: that is not where we are going.

  • NS8 is still aiming to simple apps management, ease of use, being sysadmin-friendly

  • NS8 still needs one or more servers (nodes) to run and gives you the freedom of choosing where to run them (and keep your data): at home, at office, in a private/public data center, even at the same time

  • NS8 “multi-node” is flexible. It allows to add a new node and migrate some apps on it.

  • NS8 servers grouped in a cluster and apps running on them are managed from a single, simple web interface.

  • NS8 is not an OS, it can run on different OSs (ATM RHEL-derivatives, Debian). A “platform”?

  • NS8 can be installed from a VM image, or just by running a Bash script for bare metal.

  • NS8 apps automatize the software installation and configuration, provide an admin configuration UI.

  • NS8 apps run in containers because software is today distributed as a container image. A “container orchestrator”?

  • NS8 “multi-node” can be the base of clustered applications, like Samba and OpenLDAP.


@alefattorini I have a new name proposal and I suppose it is a great name!

I check it is not already used and it is free in DNS: I don’t want someone to grasp it though… What to do then? Should I write a PM to you?

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…and then have individual components named Gandalf, Gimli, Frodo, etc.? Not sure what would happen if there were more than nine of them. Is this forum then Rivendell? I’m not sure what the parallel to Mordor would be…


You got it :+1:

@danb35 Yes! See, I knew there were others here who would get it and have a chuckle or two… :wink:

@danb35 Nice! on the components names. LOL Gandalf, Gimli, Frodo… that’s awesome!~

or Mordor would be like Hotspot (Dedalo)
and Rivendell would be like Nextcloud.

All that put aside. I get the serious aspect of the name change. Hints the statement about - the rise and fall of Kindoms and Companies.

@davidep Looking forward to seeing the name you PM the others.

Whatever you guys decide, I hope it will all workout in favor for this great open source project.


I think that we should change the starting point.

What’s NethServer 8? Just a few ipothesis

  • An application hosting platform
  • Hybrid Cloud Application Server
  • hybrid cloud infrastructure

What benefits could bring to a sysadmin? Let’s write a few sentences about it. Which of the are false?

  • application hosting platform that provides a simplified yet comprehensive experience for deploying, managing, and scaling your applications.
  • With our platform, you can easily manage your container infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, all from one convenient location
  • with multi-nodes installation, you can scale your infrastructure to meet the needs of your growing business.
  • effortless deployment and management of applications across diverse environments such as on-premise setups or private clouds.
  • NethServer 8 boasts an intuitive interface that minimizes learning curves and helps nontechnical staff handle routine tasks.
  • our comprehensive prebuilt software collection eases initial implementation.
  • Enhanced security is another priority, which we address by incorporating safeguards like firewalls and regular health checks.
  • Customizability is vital, and NethServer 8 delivers through its modular structure. Tailoring the platform according to your needs couldn’t be more straightforward
  • With preconfigured software included right out of the gate, setting up your hybrid cloud infrastructure has never been easier.
  • The platform’s customizable nature allows users to create their ideal hybrid cloud application environment by mixing and matching different modules to fit specific business requirements.
  • Whether you prefer running your applications on physical machines or virtualized environments, using hypervisors, or utilizing cloud service providers, NethServer 8 offers versatility that lets you deploy your applications anywhere you need them
  • Due to NethServer 8’s status as an open source project, continual improvements come courtesy of a vibrant sysadmins community constantly exchanging ideas and sharing experiences.
  • Since NethServer 8 originates from the open-source community, it continues to evolve via collaborative efforts between passionate sysadmins eagerly sharing best practices and new features.
  • Beyond simplifying application development and deployment, NethServer 8 boasts robust automated management features that minimize administrative overhead, ensuring smooth operations even as your IT ecosystem grows.
  • At the forefront of modern container management, our app server is the ultimate solution for IT professionals looking to streamline their operations. With a user-friendly and flexible platform, managing your containers has never been easier.
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You missed the container part…

Just added a new sentence. Is the technology so important?

Why is it wrong?

Application hosting platform are three words for say “OS”.

You are talking about a software product. If technology of the program is irrelevant how can be relevant for the adopters the project you’re talking about? Are you selling a Cupertino application “don’t bore about the how, it automagically works”?
The lacking of some technological piece (shorewall) euthanized NethFirewall. The lacking of the underlying OS the world was expecting (CentOS 8) turned tables about “the project formerly known as NS8”.
So please, Alessio, is the technology so important, after plummeted twice project paths?

I’m trying to describe better NethServer adding some benefits below. How does that sound?

NethServer 8 is an open-source hosting platform that simplifies application deployment, management, and scaling. It caters to the needs of businesses of varying sizes, from small to medium enterprises, by providing an efficient app server and a state-of-the-art container platform.

Our platform prioritizes ease of installation, maintenance, and security to reduce the complexity of IT infrastructures. With NethServer 8, you can effortlessly manage your container infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, all from a centralized location. Additionally, the multi-node installation enables you to scale your infrastructure as your business grows.

The modular design of NethServer 8 allows for customization to fit specific requirements. Our active community ensures that we continuously improve and update the platform to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

With exceptional scalability, NethServer 8 is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable, easy-to-use, adaptable, and capable application hosting platform. One platform to run your apps and data anywhere.

NethServer 8 benefits for sysadmins

NethServer 8 is an open-source hosting platform designed to simplify the life of system administrators. It provides several benefits that make it an excellent choice for managing IT infrastructures:

  1. Ease of installation and maintenance: NethServer 8 is built with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. As a system administrator, you can easily deploy and manage your applications with minimal hassle.
  2. Simplified container management: With NethServer 8, you can manage your container infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, all from one centralized location. This feature allows you to save time and reduce the complexity of managing multiple container environments.
  3. Customizable modular design: NethServer 8 has a modular design that allows you to customize the platform to fit your specific needs. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for sysadmins who need to tailor their IT infrastructures to meet the unique requirements of their organization.
  4. Active community support: The platform has an active community of developers, sysadmins and users who continuously improve and update the platform. This support ensures that the platform is up-to-date with the latest technology, security patches, and bug fixes.
  5. Scalability: NethServer 8 is highly scalable, making it suitable for businesses of varying sizes, from home setups to small offices and medium enterprises. As a sysadmin, you can easily scale your infrastructure to meet the needs of your growing business.

Overall, NethServer 8 is a reliable, easy-to-use, and capable hosting platform that simplifies application deployment, management, and scaling. As a system administrator, you can benefit from its ease of use, simplified container management, customizable modular design, active community support, and scalability.

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