Missing Cockpit Items


I’ve been going crazy as all sin trying to find things within Cockpit when I finally remembered that there may be in fact some items that might just be missing.

Firewall: When creating a new firewall/port forwarding rule in Cockpit you cannot input or select “any” for source/destination/service. If you however create a firewall/port forwarding rule using the old https://example.com:980 web admin face and THEN edit that rule in Cockpit the rule gets modified/saved correctly but you cannot remove and then add back an entry of “Any” into the selection after modification.


Instead of “any”, can you use

i thought about that as well, but this also applies to the services

Did you created an object “everything” for that kind of subnet?
Can be created something like that from developers?

No I did not. What I guess I am trying to point out is that something that is in the default layout of the old Web Manager currently is not present in the Cockpit version. Though I could get around the initial problem by doing what has been suggested I’m curious if this was the intent of the developers or if the “Any” object for the firewall/services somehow didn’t make it over.

Been here, done that.
Hope that someone will understand that Cockpit is still beta, no matter what dev team says.
Plenty of edges still needs polishing.

Can you implement this?

It’s a design choice.
In some rare cases, rules involving the any destination/source can create some unexpected behavior.
Also the iptables chains grow too much.

The new validator should help the user creating better and more focused rules.

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How this can be translated into documentation?

I have no idea :smiley: Any suggestion is welcome!

I have no idea why this design choice happened. You and the team has it. So you know why and you can write down the thing…

back to the topic: “Missing Cockpit Items”

Software Center: “Installed Applications” with the option to uninstall
Web Proxy: enable/disable and sizing cache
Web Content Filter: enable/disable disable Antivirus

Is already there, but on another page :slight_smile:

Such options are deprecated and probably will be removed in the future.
No UI will be exposed for them inside Cockpit.
If you want it, please open a PR and take care to maintain also the underlay code :wink:

It’s already there, at the bottom of the page. Not really visible, probably we should fix it :frowning:
But bear in mind that the antivirus on HTTP is almost uselss

I found exposed AD credentials for the BIND account in Cockpit that normally is hidden in the old gui.

Configuration -> Account Provider (NethServer Joined as a BDC via SAMBA4) Bind password is hidden by default on ad.example.com:980 but fully exposed as plain text in Cockpit via System -> Users and Groups -> Account Provider -> Remote Active Directory Details.



Found it if enabled via old GUI. The switch is easy to overlook if disabled.

At the Application menu, the 3 points behind the app.