NethServer 7.7.1908

Sorry, please forgive me my ignorance. I tought it’s now ready for upgrading…

@fausp the upgrade is ready, see the first post! :wink:

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And restore data under NethGUI is dead.

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Sir yes Sir - :+1::smile:



Yes, the old interface had many bugs and raised a lot of support tickets.
It was an announced change, see
The information is also present inside the release notes.


I will try it next weekend :slight_smile: but my Nethservers runnung in VMs under XCP-NG. So i will be save and build a snapshot befor :wink:
More results on Monday …

Currently installing !

Question : I read ClamAV : Official signatures are mostly useless and eat a lot of ram.

I’m really interested in this because machines with only 2Go RAM (VPS) need to be restarted every 15 days because of some kind of memory leak related to ClamAV.

Could you elaborate in which way those signatures are useless ?


Just received 7.7 from subscription-repos and updated my production system without any problem!

Well done my friends and big big thanks to the dev-team for the great work. :heart_eyes:


They are a huge amount of signatures that block <1% of threats . If you have a small amount of memory you can disable them.


First received a nethserver-subscription module update, After that the version update button.
Before hitting the button for update, I created a snapshot (my subscription server is running on a VPS)
Currently updating. Will report back when the update is finished.

/edit: after 20 minutes, update finished successfully
/edit2: checked all installed services. Running fine!


NethServer #subscription automatic upgrade will be rolled out next week.

You can already upgrade manually.

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Well… seems that there are quite a number of issues still under the hood. For 7.7 and Cockpit.
So, “trappolino” for now suits quite better than “tarallino”.
Don’t you think @alefattorini?

It doesn’t look nice towards who is trying to make the product better every day :slight_smile:

But it’s not meant to be evil.
Cockpit and 7.7 are quite rough as a release, both needs a lot of polishing and edge smoothing. Due to necessity of restore-data module, Cockpit is not anymore “an option to play with”, but a necessary tool for day-to-day use.
So it’s given two options for the GUI: NethGUI which work quite well but won’t receive any development and cannot be used for restore, or Cockpit which is showing a lot of things that needs to be fixed by user experience perception.
I think that 7.7 release was a bit early and should have been proposed as “beta”, allowing to end users to decide (upgrade or postpone).

Seems fair to you?

Thats still a bit rude even if your argument are receivable :blush:. The fact is that new UI just got out of beta and certainly needs to be polished.

Yet, that’s a real amazing job and there more and more tasks I prefer to do with cockpit and that since the first alpha version.

Maybe we should open a thread dedicated to cockpit UI/UX issues or comments ? I personally get really psycho rigid when it comes to UI, yeah I’m an addict :blush: still I want to recognize the job done.

I’m already used to switch from/to old and new UI when needed. that’s probably not ideal but hey, that’s free and really working !

Maybe a link to / from the corresponding module to the other UI could help ? Just a though.

Matthieu G. (en mode mobile)



Just to remark since 7.7 cockpit server manager is beta. During 7.6 it was alpha.

There are some UI #bug ok, but they’ll be fixed soon as usual.

Thanks in advance for reporting them :smile:


Indeed i intended to mean alpha !

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Some is “a bit” of understatement…


I don’t think so, compared to how many (new) things the new UI does and how much work it required and the short wallclock time (1yr) the devs spent on it.

I know my point of view is biased, but I consider this effort a little miracle :blush:

Well done Edoardo and Giacomo! Keep up the good work!


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