Migration NS6 to NS7


I am looking for help to migrate from NS6 to NS7. Please Suggest.

I think this could help you:

Please do a backup before you execute this tool.

This tool only supports official modules to be migrated. A basic NS6 to NS7 server seems to migrate well. Please do not use the tool and think “it will be all right”. Always make full backups (or in case of VM: a snapshot) so you can revert back to the old install.

Personally I would not use the migration tool. IMO it is far more safe to just do a fresh install of NS7 and then move all services from NS6 to NS7.

To get some more hands-on info: https://community.nethserver.org/search?q=migrate

I wish you success with your migration.

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Please have a look at this: http://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/upgrade.html#upgrade-section
I think this is what you’re looking for. :wink:


Hi I am not looking for upgrade.

My scenario is i am having 2 physical server with NS 6 and 7 installed .

1st- server is having NS6 version
2nd- Server is having NS7 version

Ns6 is running from last 2 years. I have all data onto it. LIke Mail server, Owncloud, file server, PDC etc.
So i want all data on my new 2nd NSv7 physical server.
I need to plan how i ll transfer all data from NS6 to Ns7. So please suggest me best feasible way to do this.

IMO you are facing a step-by-step move of features from NS6 to NS7.
The tricky part probably is having the data transferred from the old NS6 server with other modules than available on NS7.
For instance: NS6 has owncloud, NS7 has nextcloud.
There are migration options for this available from nextcloud: https://nextcloud.com/migration/
The question is, is this also possible with the NS7 nextcloud module?
Data should be quite straight forward: copy data and set the right permissions on the NS7 server.
For mailserver you can use imapsync

Since you seem to use only official NS6 modules, you can try the NS6-NS7 migration tool. Then install NS7 on the new hardware too and move services from the old server to the new server. It is undoubtedly easier to move services from NS7 to NS7 than from NS6 to NS7.

IMO the best way would be to upgrade the existing machine and then use hotsync to transfer to the new one. I did it that way the last time with a minimum of down time, espesially for the transfer to the new machine.

But this is just my opinion.

Good luck :+1:

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I would install NS6 with all used modules on the new server, transfer all Data with backup and recover to the new one and then use the upgrade tool. So you have your old server with NS6 running if something goes wrong with the migration tool at the new one.