Migrate Windows DC to Nethserver DC


I want to say if is possible to migrate Windows Server 2012 DC to Nethserver, without join the new domain on the client and migrate user profile data.


If you have a new domain name, you have to migrate the profile. If you use windows clients, there is a tool named profile wizard, which does a really good job. Have a look at forensit.


No, the domain name remains the same, I wanted to know if it is possible to migrate from windows dc to nethserver without join the new domain and then migrating user profiles.
I have already used that tool and it works very well

Not a developer, experimenter nor Nethesis related.

Samba DC container acts a AD Domain Controller, nor a member server or joint domain controller.
“Taking over” an existing AD afaik never meant to be a goal for the product. Replacing (dead one AD, raised another) yes.

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You can try (experimental) to join nethserver as AD server to the windows domain. Have a look at the posts @Andy_Wismer has linked here: