Problems at join NethServer on a MS Active Directory domain


I´m trying to configure my new installation of NethServer as a secondary Domain Controller in my existing forest.

The problem is: I can´t pass the page that inquires me to insert the domain name and after a AD DNS Server. When I click on Check, I have to wait for a while and the result is a error: Domain name not found.

I was testing on other windows hosts and in the moment I hit enter key, I have a prompt to provide the domain credentials.

Did I miss some configuration? Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: SAMBA


Hello Diego

And welcome to the NethServer community!

What you’re trying to do is NOT officially supported. NethServer can act as AD server itself, yes.
NethServer can join an AD as member server, yes, that also works. But a secondary Domain Controller in an AD forest? It can work, but is not officially supported!

There are dokus and something like a HowTo for this, but as said, it’s noz officially supported.
This method can be used, if you want to migrate your AD from a Windows Server to NethServer, but do make sure you have both sides backed up!

Samba AD, as included in NethServer, is 100% compatible with a Windows 2012 R2 Server AD - but not newer AD versions, like in Server 2016 / 2019. But it can still work…

I will check and see if I can post the links from the forum…

My 2 cents

I was wondering if the process to migrate the entire AD server from Windows Server 2019 to NethServer was the same to migrate to another Windows Machine.

Can I find in the docs a way to migate my entire forest to NethServer?
The forest is in the Windows Server 2008 R2 level.
My initial question is based on the scenario that the migration process is the same for Windows Server hosts.

Thanks for the answer!
I will continue my research to migrate the server in the proper way.


Hi Diego

You can add a NethServer to a Windows Server based AD - if it’s on level 2008 R2, perfect!
Officially supported is only as a “member” server, not as an AD, although setting NethServer does work, as per the docs below.

I have not done this myself, as all my clients do not use Windows AD, but NethServer AD… :slight_smile:

When NethServer is added as AD Server to your AD, you can remove the Windows AD, and “promote” your NethServer to Primary.

You will need to make sure that stuff like SysVol, User Profiles and Shares are correctly transfered, or at least available.

These may help:

There are more Docs about this - but as said, it’s not official… It does work, though…

This tool may help with Windows Profiles:

Do make regular backups until the whole server / AD is migrated.
Rule of thummb is: Better a backup too many, than one to little! :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

My 2 cents