Migrate from W2008R2/Exchange 2010 to Nethserver/WebTop


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I’ve an old Windows 2008R2 with Exchange 2010 that I want to migrate to Nethserver with WebTop. What we are talking about is the AD, the login script for the clients, and less than ten mailboxes.

So far have I installed the server and joined it to the domain and everything works fine so far but now am I a bit stuck and looking for advice about the best way to do this.

Things I’m looking for answer on.
-Best way to move the mail, size is up to 5 GB each.
-Is it possible to promote Nethserver to PDC?
-Pros/cons with setting up a new domain and recreate everything in the AD instead of adding Nethserver as backup domain controller.
-Any other advices?

NethServer Version:

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Hi @mahaq. Welcome to the NethServer community. I hope you will feel at home. We will try to help you with your questions.
We have seen a previous request to migrate from exchange to webtop. You might find some hints and tips in that discussion: Migrate exchange to webtop5

For the migration of Windows Server to NethServer. Yes it is possible to promote NethServer as Domain Controller and transfer FSMO roles afterwards, but AFAIK not from the webinterface. @davidep probably can tell you more about this since he was able to add NethServer as a DC to an existing (AD/Samba)domain.

Pro on creating a new domain: you can start fresh.
con: you have to recreate every user, device and GPO.

Please do share your progress so we all can learn!

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Still experimental


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After reading and thinking have I decided to go for creating a new AD and then export/import pst files. The main reason is that I had and old .local domain that initially was created with 2003 SBS and later on migrated to a 2008R2 Std server so it needed a major cleanup if I should have kept it. My new setup is domain in the format internal.domain.tld to replace the old domain.local.

(Rob Bosch) #5

Thank you for getting back on this. If you want, please keep us informed on your progress. (we all might learn something from it… :wink: )