Migrate exchange to webtop5

I’m about to start a long and tortruous journey.
I want to delete a sbs2008 server in a new company joined the group!

There are:

  • domain active directories
  • shared folders
  • mailboxes
  • pop3 connectors
  • remote access to exchange

The situation is this:

  • about 20 clients joined in the domain AD
  • microsoft outlook configured with local exchange
  • home directories containing some pst with mail archives and calendars
  • exchange every 15 minutes downloads mail from pop3 external server on Register
  • the clients send mail directly with public IP of the router
  • current server is a hp proliant with 32gb of ram, raid 5 200gb + raid 5 500gb, 1 network card.

obviously all on the fly, maybe a Saturday and Sunday (too optimistic? :joy:)

the steps I’m preparing in my head are:

  1. buy new server ( tower dell, single socket, 32gb, raid 5 3x1tb, 2 network card)
  2. install nethserver, AD + Webtop5 + mail2-*
    2.1 Request Let’s Encrypt Certificate
  3. create AD domain “publicdomain.it” (actually is publicdomain.local)
  4. re-create all user
  5. sync existing inbox, then disable pop3connector on Exchange Server
  6. convert OST to PST (you know this? https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Free-Tool-to-Convert-OST-adfb7c69) or via import export of outlook? what do you recommend?
  7. copy per client PST (ost converted and archive) on new personal home directory and import in webtop user via http://docs.nethserver.org/es/v7/webtop5.html#importing-from-outlook-pst
  8. enable pop3connector on NS
  9. re-create all folder and copy file
  10. insert in external DNS, TXT DKIM and TXT v=spf1 a mx ip4:EXTERNALIPADDRESS
  11. rejoin all machine in new domain with https://www.forensit.com/domain-migration.html ( i have used it in past for conversion of local user to domain NS user )

the big doubts are:

  • I can add the new account in outlook, by performing the add-on account exchange procedure, pointing to the new NS server? (So far I’ve only tried to add the account on android)
  • for access from outside I only create the nat of port 443, as currently set with exchange?
  • instead of using the pop3 connector, imposed as the primary smtp server directly on the NS server, or is it a useless risk?

I forgot something?

Take a read on AD best practices. Maybe something like “internal.publicdomain.it” shoud be better.

No way. Outlook do not query WebTop as Exchange server.

Yup. Don’t forget to add a /webtop/ into URLS or a redirector into https homepage of your nethserver setup

If you will to stop subscribing mailbox service from your supplier, could be a way. Therefore, i don’t suggest you to add this kind of issue right now, also because you have to add some more tasks to do.

LEt’sEncrypt certificate for your public hostname (an alias configured on NethServer)

I would use imapsync to sync the mail, instead of having to deal with individual mailboxes. It will also report on what it did, so you have logging once it’s done. It will also spot issues you might have in foldernames.

Outlook doesnt care if you call a folder “Facts/News/Other stuff” … try importing that to dovecot … (= nogo)
You will find these issues with IMAP sync, or will have them handed to you one at a time by users, obviously 5 minutes after they needed it more then oxygen.

what happens if create internal.publicdomain.it

If NethServer acts also as DNS server on the LAN, it registers its name as MX record along with the following aliases:

For example:

Domain: mysite.com
Hostname: mail.mysite.com
MX record: mail.mysite.com
Available aliases: smtp.mysite.com, imap.mysite.com, pop.mysite.com, pop3.mysite.com.

from http://docs.nethserver.org/en/v7/mail.html

they become imap.internal.publicdomain.it ?

I simply create an imap account

yes, use https://internal.publicdomain.it/webtop
I usually use NS virtual hosts, with an .htaccess example: http://posta.publicdomain.it/

RedirectMatch 301 / https://internal.publicdomain.it/webtop/


sry @planet_jeroen, I’m confused (my english does not help me). advice or not the use of imapsync? however, I see that it does not synchronize contacts or calendars, which instead makes libpst

I DO advice to use ImapSync. You are right in that it doesnt synchronize contacts or calendars. Calendars can easily be saved from within outlook. Doubleckik any appointment, goto file menu, choose save, and then select to export the whole calendar, all options, and all information, and you can import that in SOGo (and I presume Webtop as well) as an .ics file.

Contacts is something I didnt try to import. I just told people to fix that themselves, and they seemingly accepted it :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks, I will also do a test with imapsync

Hi @sharpec,
you can try to use import scripts from PST to Webtop (email, contacts and calendars):

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Thanks @lucag I’ve already tried libpst for a client, and it works perfectly. the big problem is the conversion of the MAPI exchange file, which is an OST file.

You may export the PSTs directly from exchange with powershell:

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this looks great! I try and update you

EDIT: obviously I have the 2007 version which is not compatible with this procedure.

in the page that you have shared there are also links to the procedure for exchange 2007 and for the office 365

This application is very easy to use that’s why I easily recover my data and convert into new PST file formats by following the simple steps of this tool.

Read More :OST to PST Converter