Meshcentral brought to NS8

NethServer Version: NethServer 8
Module: meshcentral

So… after @Stll0 and @oneitonitram decided to poke at me about making that :slight_smile: :wink: … oh so fun migration to NS8 (or at least test it)… I decided to try it out… and @Andy_Wismer I am trying it on Proxmox … so you should be proud of me… I am not using Xen/XO this time… all Proxmox. :upside_down_face: :smiley:

So right now I am testing NS8 out. And I do have to say. Nice job Neth Team!!! It is :100: the :bomb: and it’s :boom: (explosive)

I really have to say I am impressed. (even though I am just testing right now). I can definitely see all of the work and care (blood, sweat and tears) of trying to get this up and running and polished to the point it is.

I was thinking of what is stopping me at this point from migrating to NS8. One concerned about the migrations I have seen is a number of glitches with other peoples experience of migration. Migrations are a pain (of course this is a me problem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

The last real piece of the puzzle for me is meshcentral running with LE certificate on NS8. The other thing is me being able to restore my existing data from meshcentral over to meshcentral on NS8 (at the very least).

I would migrate if meshcentral finds its way in NS8.





@Shadowfire wonderful of you.

Don’t worry this community is great and they’ve got you.

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Hi @Shadowfire,

a first testing version was released, check out NS8-MeshCentral


Awesome! Will do! Thank you!

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