Member of the Month - March 2015

I’m proud to appoint

Roberto Sitzia

as Member of the Month (MoM) - March 2015
Thanks to his huge work on community and since he was around here from the beginning (Member #3) helping
people, welcoming new members and writing good stuff!

He’s the author of this awesome post: 251 views and 210 referral clicks

Thanks @sitz you’re making this community a better place


Interview with @sitz

Who’s Roberto Sitzia?
Sitz: Good question…I’m still asking to myself.
Maybe whom will read this interview will be more interested in what I do so I will try to give to readers some information.
I’m employed as systemist in a small IT company that produces ERP software onto IBM iSeries AS400 mainly, my work is to secure networks of our customers, connect the headquarter with its branch offices and to integrate a server to reach common goals such as: setting up a domain controller, share documents, manage email.
Every time I set up a IT system I try to reach the highest automatization level possible, trying to keep the management easy, I work daily to give to users the best experience possible.

How do you have bumped into NethServer and why this passion?
Sitz: my company is official reseller of NethServer Enterprise edition since 2008.
Last year I attended to an event where NethServer Community edition was officially presented and the idea to build a new community captured my attention, the day after I subscribed myself to the mailing list and I started to help as I can: testing features, reporting minor bugs but above all I like to spread the word of NethServer.

What do you think about NethServer Community? What could work better and what do you like more?
Sitz: NethServer’s community is a special place: I can learn lot of stuff from very skilled people, I can meet people from all around the world to discuss with, I can do one of things I do better training people.
The community is very young, there is much work to do but I think that one thing above all could work better: we have to drive people with different skill levels find quickly what is useful for them.
What do I like more? Howtos!

You’re Member of the Month 03/2015, do you have any advice for new or regular member?
Sitz: First of all is an honour be member of the month 03/2015 I’m very proud, after that I would like to give just one advice to regular and new members: share your knowledge, your experience, your thoughts and even your doubts, they will serve to made this a great community.

If a member is too shy to post, what can you suggest him? How can he start to help community and be involved?
Sitz: Too shy? Well, you can read as many post as you can or feel, day after day you will take confidence with other users and will come the moment when you would like to replay to a post or write a new one.
To get involved in the community and help it you can just post a question where you ask how to do something, the community will reply this is sure!

Do you have any plans for the future? I know that you’re working n new stuff… something about beginners? Is it right?
Sitz: Yes it’s right, actually I’m focused on people coming from different platform such as Microsoft Windows server, Exchange server, Small Business Server or even that they haven’t any experience at all with installing a server but they want to try a different/new solution such as NethServer.
Take a look at “NethServer for dummies” that I’m going to post in the next days.

Do you have question for Sitz? Or simply say thank you to him? Please reply below


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