Mattermost link takes me to my server's home page

NethServer Version: 7.7
Module: mattermost

Well subject says it all. Installed Mattermost, enabled “team edition”, I specified “” (also tried “” that is my AD domain)… I added both in virtual hosts…
But takes me to my main page (NS default at

What am I doing wrong?

I noticed in services that mattermost service and postgresql are both at port 5432… is this normal?
(haven’t touched any)

Sorry for answering so late.
The manual isn’t clear enough about the virtual host. You don’t have to create it manually with virtualhosts module. The virtual host is created by nethserver-mattermost module once you specify a fqdn (different than the one used as the server hostname). The auto-configured virtual host is considered internal to the module and will not be shown as part of user’s configurable virtual hosts (virtualhosts module).

mattermost is configured at port 5432 while rh-postgresql94-postgresql is at port 55432. Easily mistaken due to their resemblance.

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Ah figures.

Is mattermost able to use the installed AD module? (within NethServer)

Not in the free version. You can use a script to recreate the users inside mattermost (pointed out in the manual) but they will not be kept in sync with AD or LDAP account provider.

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