Matrix/Synapse Messaging, VoIP, WebRTC server

Hi There!

I was also looking into Mattermost but decided to go with Riot (Matrix Synapse server)

Didn’t manage to get it running on neth, dont remember why now but should be interesting for everybody that has been looking at Mattermost.


Thank you @Adam_Fransson, Matrix seems a great project!

I see it has LDAP authentication support, which is an important component that Mattermost is missing on Community Ed.

The synapse server project is tagged at “late beta” stage

Yes I know it’s late beta but seems pretty stable, some features like voip/video in conference mode isn’t working.

But most things do work and it has some snazzy apps for ios and android that work.

Also desktop clients.

Havn’t tried the LDAP auth support yet. I’ll get back to you if I succeed in connecting it to my Neth server.(if I find the time to do it)

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Our company use Matrix/Synapse server more than 2 years, and it work pretty stable! This is great opensource solution to modern messengers like Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. More info we can read here:

As comparison with XMPP, here is detailed description why Matrix is better:

Matrix Synapse server can be easily integrated into any LDAP or AD system via integrated Synapse LDAP Auth Provider module or via extended mxisd third-party module.


Link to Synapse LDAP Auth Provider

Link to extended LDAP integration mxisd module:

On my servers the LDAP integration process will be done very quickly.

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Thanks for the sharing :slight_smile: I guess that we will follow the Mattermost way.
It’s easier to integrate on NethServer since that rpms for centos are already available and constantly updated

How far is the Mattermost integration ?

Quite ready, you can test it yet

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OK, I will…

Matrix killer feature is Federation, so you can easily talk (via private and group chats) from your server with users of any other Matrix server. This feature is not implemented in any other messenger, only in old XMPP protocol. So perspectives of Matrix is larger, that of Mattermost or other.

Here is short manual how to install Matrix Synapse server on CentOS:

ok… here is my necro-revival of an ancient topic for this year. I know, we already have mattermost, but afaik mattermost is quite stand-alone. It absolutely is a powerful communication application, but it lacks the option to communicate with people on other instances. You have to have an account on a specific server to be able to communicate.
This is sufficient for groupchat in a company, but when you seek a worldwide communicationtool, a connection to other servers is needed, In these times of centralized powerhouses like FB and Google, imo the only way to oppose that, is to go de-centralized.
And the initiatives for decentralized communication and social media are already overwhelming. We have seen a great howto install diaspora* on NethServer by @mrmarkuz as an alternative to FaceBook. Besides that there are many more alternatives for current centralized social media options:

  • mastodon instead of twitter
  • hubzilla and friendica as a multiprotocol option to post to both diaspora and mastodon.
  • funkwhale as a decentralized music sharing solution
  • peertube as an alternative for youtube

For chat and voip matrix synapse could fill in the blanks to have a decentralized communications option available. It will make it possible to communicate with people that are not having an account on your own server. And that is what currently is missing in the mattermost module.
So my end-of-the-year-feature-request would be: Have a matrix-synapse server based module for NethServer.
Latest news on adoption of matrix is that Mozilla ditched their IRC channels in favor of matrix channels:
What do you think?

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