Mark bug as solved?

Continuing the discussion from No Login under SOGO:

Many of you are asking to solve Bug as well as Support questions. So far we have just closed them
What do you think? @dnutan @enzoturri @robb @davidep @giacomo

I like the idea to have the solved flag even for bugs.

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I agree. At the moment you have to look at github to find out if it’s solved. If we can mark it in discourse to be solved, everybody can see it immediatly. Good idea. Like it. :+1:

I though it meant he could not highlight the code lines.

Fair enough

The idea seems excellent. You can filter the results by excluding those marked/unmarked as solved?

I like the current setup :blush:

A bug is solved when the fix has been released. This is tracked on github.

If we find an solution by discussing it here we are at halfway.

When the bug fix has been released we close the discussion. It works for me :wink:

I find the explanation of Davide plausible and good.

Unfortunately, I realize that it is not always clearly recognizable, there is a middle way.

That one in the heading notes as the fact is.

  • In Progress
  • integrated (patch)
  • rolled out (test)
  • completed (and close the discussion)


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Those states are already tracked on github!

I won’t duplicate them here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Davide has right but can we put something to show us, here, that the bug was fixed and there is a solution?

Possible idea?
When the bug is fixed, the answer that show the solution on github should be marked as “Solution”.
In this way, we can see at the first look (quickly), which of reported bugs were solved.

I don’t wont to move the process from Github to Discourse.

But often the developers add a note to the thread when the bug is resolved.
I think that a simple check is much more quicker :slight_smile:

By the way, this is not a problem. Do whatever you like :smiley:

:+1: agreed

That when is hard to catch, but let’s try… /cc @alefattorini

Me too.

Added, let’s see how it goes.

Just an example:

Excellent! Now …how can I mark this topic as solved ? :smile_cat: