March Community Hangout

the time has come for a new community hangout.
When can we organize it? Would you like to discuss NethServer 7 developments and new features released?

Doode created:

I have to bump this discussion, come on guys! Looking forward to see your faces again :smile:
Veterans: @davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti @ironsky @mabeleira @sitz @WillZen @apradoc @Nas @robb @Ctek @dz00te @Adam @stephdl
Newcomers: @jackyes @lvicentini @mark_nl @craaaft @mikabeckerich @Greg @hany @kisaacs

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Changed the dates, please re-check your selection @Jim @apradoc @lvicentini

When will be the hangout? Any decision done?

I’m so sorry! I can’t this month due to personal/work commitments, can we re-schedule in April?
In the coming days I am going to redo the doodle.
Thanks for your patience