Manual script update nextcloud

Hi everyone, I just updated nextcloud to recent updates. The initial screen is the following. I had to manually run the signal event. Why ?

could you kindly provide more information

Hi what I can write and that I have performed the usual updates of nethserver including nethserver-nextcloud.
Updated nethserver-nextcloud-1.17.1-1.ns7.noarch @ nethserver-updates
Update 1.18.0-1.ns7.noarch @ nethserver-updates

This time nextcloud asked to update the user database, which is quite unusual because it is performed by the update scripts. I did not proceed manually from the web page but I ran a nexcloud signal event from the shell, to see if this command could solve the problem. That’s how it was! I think from my technical point of view that something prevented the completion of the update.

Sorry for the late response.
The new nextcloud version works with a new database maria db 105, I think this is the reason for asking for database update.
Have a look here:


ok probably the first nethserver-nextcloud-update event (triggered by the rpm) did not upgrade the mysql default to rh-mariadb105, but the second time triggered manually did the job.

The messages log can explain maybe what it occured after the nethserver-nextcloud upgrade