Looking for help configuring Collabora Server

Looking to hire someone to help us finish setting up a Collabora Office server that will interface with our app. Server is running CentOS 7
Mostly need help in setting up a reverse proxy, ssl and a few other things

I can be reached at sales@skybridge.net
Thanks in advance

@mrmarkuz is your man!

HI Mark,

welcome onboard.

Do you use NethServer?

Which app?

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Currently I depend on managed servers for my web hosting business and the new SaaS I am developing so I can focus on the business end of things. Currently I am with Liquidweb.com but will need a different solution for the SaaS as it will need load balancing eventually as I gain a larger user base.
So . . no I don’t use nethserver I use CentOS as this is what Liquidweb supports.
The “app” I referenced is a SaaS business platform which allows for the online editing of documents (currently using OnlyOffice). As I just became a partner with Collabora Office we are switching to using Collabora which means I need a dedicated server that handles the processing these documents. My developers only have a minimal knowledge of devops and configuring a Collabora server which is why I posted to the NethServer community as I noticed you and several others seem to have this figured out.
If you’re available to help here let me know and what your fees are. I currently have a test VPS with Interserver.
Since CentOS is going to fade away over the next few years I would be happy to hear if you think NethServer is a fit for us. We are going to launch with a code server, database server and data server (document storage)
Let me know your thoughts

Nethserver is based on CentOS and can be installed on CentOS images provided by VPS providers, see installation docs.

On NethServer, Collabora is installed to make document editing possible with Nextcloud but both run on the same host.
The Nextcloud app provides a settings page to connect to Collabora.
I assume your business platform has something like this too.

You may install Nethserver with Collabora (fast way to setup Collabora) on your Interserver test VPS and allow the loolwsd service to be accessed from the green network.
Then enter the hostname in your app settings and maybe it just works.

Code server: phabricator or gitea.
You may use Nextcloud to store Documents.
Which database server do you want to use?

As regards future of Nethserver and CentOS there are already some discussions: