CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream discussion

while i still should read all the messages in thread, i suppose we should also evaluate what this implies for nethserver…


This looks like a bomb under the CentOS based future of NethServer, or am I too drastic here?


The simplest way for IBM for kill all the OpenSource projects based on CentOS and force all to go to RHEL.
I am no that surprised, but quite disgusted.

Now… Buster may seem a much more interesting option for NethServer.


I was about to post that Scientific Linux would be a possible drop-in replacement for CentOS, but they’re saying they’re dropping their own distro in favor of CentOS 8.

let’s say it’s not all clear at the moment … (to be optimistic)

There are different kinds of CentOS users, and we are working with the CentOS Project Governing Board to tailor programs that meet the needs of these different user groups. In the first half of 2021, we plan to introduce low- or no-cost programs for a variety of use cases, including options for open source projects and communities and expansion of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscription use cases to better serve the needs of systems administrators. We’ll share more details as these initiatives coalesce.

If you’re part of an open source project or community or providing free, public continuous integration (CI) and build infrastructure, we are launching a program soon that will ease your consumption of RHEL. Please contact us at centos-questions@redhat.com if you want to be notified when this program launches.

reading https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/centos-stream-building-innovative-future-enterprise-linux

CentOS Stream now sits between the Fedora Project’s operating system innovation and RHEL’s production stability. To make CentOS Stream the primary innovation hub for the RHEL ecosystem, we will shift our investments to CentOS Stream exclusively on December 31, 2021. Our commitment to CentOS Linux 7 will continue until the distribution’s published end of maintenance updates in 2024.

I am not so afraid, it was announced and known, sometimes we are always saying that our program versions are so old, techno are not changing, it might be a good things maybe to get something different and still stable

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Don’t forget, Red Hat belongs to IBM. What is THEIR big picture and strategy? IBM announced to split IBM up https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2020/10/ibm-to-split-into-two-companies-by-the-end-of-2021/

We can definitely see a focus on Cloud like AWS and Azure. What do you need for that?

Remember Red Hat needed middleware? Answer, buy Jboss

I don’t see exactly wherethe RH part of IBM gets its place. But from the CentOS plans, it looks like CentOS will be the testing garden for RHEL. (while it currently is the other way around: CentOS is the community rebuild of RHEL)

RedHat bought CentOS, IBM bought RedHat?

I was more referring to the 2 parts IBM is going to split up. Will it be the remaining IBM part or the NewCorp part…

The remaining part (Still called IBM) will focus on Cloud (heavily based on Openstack).

NewCo is where the legacy IBM activities will go

(all just from hearsay from a little birdie :wink: )

What’s up, Buster?




Does a fork will born :slight_smile:

I love this one too



They will damage the base… CentOS is not going to be a RedHat Clone, It is going to be a Rolling Release loosing the stability.

The red hat subscription is around 800US!!! for my clients is not possible to pay that.

We are in problems, we will have to rebase the system to debian or Branch CentOS to new Operating system.

Another Zentyal will come with this new feature!!!



What year is this? Oh, 2020…

I was also very disappointed yesterday, the news came just after I have set up everything on a new CentOS 8 installation ready to launch an (upgraded) eCommerce site… Today I made a backup and reinstalled the VPS with Debian - first time ever, it will be fun (not!).

I think there is a chance that either the community let IBM to change it’s mind, or the CentOS Steam will be good enough for production, or somebody forks CentOS (the original CentOS creator is already thinking about it). Maybe it will stay alive, but it is easier to postpone the launch of the new site than change the server under it next year. Who knows when would be a stable fork available.

Btw, last night discussion already started in the NethServer 8 topic:

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A men have to do what a men have to do!!! Rebase to debian Or CentOS Clone!!!


Rocky Linux a community driven RHEL clone is borning… NethServer 8 will be in another base.

Let’s speculate about the Rebase:

The big companies thinks that for expand the market, they have to damage the product, sorry all by the strong words, I’m making a bussines poposal based in CentOS… Not another Zentyal please, I’ll pay the susbcripton for each server, but not another Zentyal…

Thanks for hearing me.


Hi all,

Remember when RedHat, around RH-7.x, wanted to charge for the distro, the community revolted so much that RedHat saw their mistake and released Fedora.

Even though RedHat/CentOS has a very large share of the Linux market, if it doesn’t wake up, it will suffer the same fate as Novell, disappearing into darkness !