Login credentials FreePBX admin area


must be something obvious but…

When I go to the FreePBX admin area (applications -> FreePBX) I see below options:

When I click administration it asks for a login. What are the default credentials please?


IIRC you set it at install wizard (first connect)

To reset the admin:



Thanks @mrmarkuz. I couldn’t remember the password set at install time, for it was many moons ago I installed it. Now I remembered! :slight_smile:

I forgot to do my usual ‘trick’ by adding a db property to the related service, asterisk in this case. (httpd-fpbx is hard to remember :wink: )

config setprop asterisk FreePBXPass “mysecretpassword”

where the value is between quotes for passwords or pass phrases may have odd characters or spaces that are not accepted by the db system. I usually add important data as a property to the related service. It will be totally ignored by the templating system, but handy for me or others.

This way I don’t have to remember the password, but simply do config show asterisk. Also a ‘config show > config.txt’ will get me a nice textfile :slight_smile:


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When I try:
fwconsole unlock t3jpc7aie2ci1ud9peoh9uk5k1

I get the output
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘{’ or ‘' in /var/www/html/freepbx/admin/libraries/Composer/vendor/symfony/translation/Translator.php on line 90 Whoops\Exception\ErrorException: syntax error, unexpected 'class' (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or '{' or '’ in file /var/www/html/freepbx/admin/libraries/Composer/vendor/symfony/translation/Translator.php on line 90
Stack trace:

  1. Whoops\Exception\ErrorException->() /var/www/html/freepbx/admin/libraries/Composer/vendor/symfony/translation/Translator.php:90

I’m stuck out freepbx. My bad, i did not noted the admin password of freepbx.
Shame on me.

But… i get the id session.
And i found the way to forward command
fwconsole unlock <sessionid>
to rh-php56 through
scl enable rh-php56 -- fwconsole unlock <sessionid>
the answer is

Session save path is undefined. This can cause undefined unlocks. Please set a 'session.save_path' in your php.ini file. It should match the same path that is set for the web portion of PHP. We have defaulted to [/var/lib/php/session]
Unlocking: <sessionid> Failed, Invalid session

If I am not that dumb, I should have found the right directory, which IMVHO should be
but is empty as my brain
Using find -iname <sessionid> i can’t find anything on the filesystem.

Quite stuck…
output of find -iname session is

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It seems this doesn’t work (anymore). I found this bug so I set session.save_path = "/var/opt/rh/rh-php56/lib/php/session" in /etc/opt/rh/rh-php56/php.ini, it eliminates the path is undefined error but unlocking still doesn’t work.

There’s another way to set the password directly in the database (Source):

Following example sets the password of user pbxadmin to newpassword:

mysql -D asterisk -e "UPDATE ampusers SET password_sha1=SHA1('newpassword') WHERE username='pbxadmin'"


Sorry for the (so long) delay…
trick did not work, unfortunately.

mysql -D asterisk -e "UPDATE ampusers SET password_sha1=SHA1('newpassword') WHERE username='pbxadmin'"
did not provide any output, but trying to login with pbxadmin and newpassword or admin and newpassword did not allowed access.

Infortunately no info are reported into Freepbx documentation mondules. And also… no “trick pocket” :frowning:

Also… bug linked should be fixed since 2016. Was updated for FreePBX 13, and now nethserver is running on FreePBX 14.

Last edit: @mrmarkuz would you please post a MySQL query to list the freepbx users?
Maybe I did not use pbxadmin as user…

SELECT username FROM ampusers

should list the users.


Thanks a lot for your support and kindness. More on that tomorrow as follow up.

strange output to me.

| username |
| admin    |

However, not gonna blame the shooter.
no output for

mysql -D asterisk -e "UPDATE ampusers SET password_sha1=SHA1('newpassword') WHERE username='admin'"
Then i were able to login!

Thanks for your support, @mrmarkuz

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Snap back to reality, here goes gravity…

No module is required to upgrade. What the Funk???