Lock to "current release" enabled by default from 7.5

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Great solution, I wish to try it. How can I get it?

(Davide Principi) #83

It will be available soon for NethServer 7.5!


nice, i like the way you decide to manage the updates lock… and i see the test cases (thank you for writing them), but i am wondering if i can test the new procedure on 7.4
i installed the testing package nethserver-base-3.2.0-1.17.g7561792.ns7.noarch.rpm on 7.4 and now on Software center i have

and this is what is expected, then i’ve tried to execute the cron script, to see if NsReleaseLock switch do disabled… but it seems that the script gets $ns_release and $ce_release with the same version: 7.5.1804

i know it’s not a test case but the idea was to test the new feature on 7.4 to see what would have happened in a real case…

do i need to update some other package?
if you think it’s useless i’ll start trying on 7.5

(Davide Principi) #85

Yes, I adapted the mirrorlist script to work with this new feature today: https://github.com/NethServer/mirrorlist/pull/9/files

However the only way to really test it on 7.4 is quite complex because it does not exist any more, as we’re in 7.5 now. To get an idea:

  • git clone mirrorlist in a web server and fix the release numbers for testing
  • configure the “mirrorlist.nethserver.org” virtualhost in the web server
  • add a DNS override in nethserver testing VM to point to the fake server

(I already suggested a similar solution for a different problem here: YUM update repository problems (from Russia))

Thank you for your input! This weird idea was your :wink:

Do you remember?

(Alessio Fattorini) #86

Looks great. I hope this clarify any doubts

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #87

All related packages have been released.

RC is coming!

NethServer 7.5.1804 rc released
Collaborative draft of 7.5 release announcement
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tnx, done the fake server, now the cron script correctly enable NsRelease lock due to mismatch of version

CentOS and NethServer releases are different!
CentOS:     7.5.1804
NethServer: 7.4.1708
NsReleaseLock is now enabled.

now do you think i could persuade Software Center that a new version 7.5rc is available for install? :thinking::grin:

doh! usually my answer to this question it’s almost always: no :sweat_smile:
I have to admit: my memory is worse than my English :sob: but at least I like my ideas :laughing:
tnx for your work

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I like your sense of humor… And I generally have the same issue myself…

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Hi James, so I think your memory is working very well, because I think your English should be better as the English of most others here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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