LDAP Administration tool and ldaps

Thank you so much for all the work already done.

Can I have access to the LDAP server with an admin tool like Apache Directory Studio ?
Connection on port 389 is OK but authentication failed in anyway with a standard binddn ( cn=root,dn=… … or cn=admin…) with “Invalid credentials”

What about ldaps ( secure ldap on port 636) ? Is there a way to force ldap server to listen only on port 636 et accept only secure connection ?

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Hi @alecks,

the STARTTLS command is supported on port 389, and is the preferred method if the clients have it.

Check the admin’s password has been correctly set. The admin’s DN should be


or, if your domain part is example.com


The port 636 is disabled by default: it could be enabled with a couple of commands…

Thanks @davidep
Authentication is OK with uid=admin,ou=People and dc=(my/domain/com) on 389 STARTTLS.

Can I have access to cn=config too ?

If I remember correctly, It is accessible only locally from the ldapi:// socket, as root user.

ldapsearch -Y EXTERNAL -b cn=config 

Can I ask why you need accessing it?

I want to know if I can use the openldap Netherserver with some custom configuration

  • manage email aliases, perhaps with "ou=aliases "
  • manage multi-domains, perhaps with "ou=domains"

For exemple, what I need :