LDAP NS - Erpnext - Wordpress with SSO

Good morning.
in my company adopt Erpnext for HQS, issue, maintenance and Wordpress with coursepress for elearning.
obviously Nethserver!

users have 1 password for each service,
and I elapse days resetting passwords of 60 users.

But I now have samba DC as Active Directory, and I’m trying to configure eprnext and wordpress to access LDAP.

Error is the same
Invalid service account credentials. Make sure you have entered correct Service Account DN and password.

I’m trying with the “admin” user and her password, but nothing


what am I doing wrong?

ok. i find the correct parameters
A couple of cafes have facilitated the process

miniOrange LDAP/Active Directory Login for Intranet Sites

LDAP SERVER: ldap://
Service Account DN: CN=admin,CN=Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=it
Search base: CN=Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=it

LDAP Server Url: ldap://
Organizational Unit: CN=Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=it
Base Distinguished Name (DN): CN=admin,CN=Users,DC=xxxxx,DC=it
Password for Base DN: •••••••••
LDAP Search String: cn=*{0}
LDAP First Name Field: displayName
LDAP Email Field: userPrincipalName
LDAP Username Field: name


Thanks Sharpec - your erpnext ldap settings works with microsoft active directory.

Here’s my wiki guide if anyone needs it.

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