KnowledgeBase opensource application/solution

Is anyone using a knowledge base software in own setup?
Not only specific apps, also solutions who the use for create documentation, store files and manage validation/approval of solution/document.

I would like to create my own knowledge base not made by a bunch of files and folders stored into a fileserver/cloud/computer…

DokuWiki ?

Lacking of DB is good (low resources footprint) but has a big question mark: what about search quality?

Depends probably on the number of articles. Nethserver’s wiki runs Dokuwiki and the search performance is better than a lot of renowned websites.

From here… has currently 4859 pages with about 15k pageviews per day on average
still on PHP 5.6, Linux/ext4 with noatime, Apache + FPM
running on a i7-6700 CPU with 64GB of RAM and SSD. That server is running all kinds of other DokuWiki services besides the wiki itself. Everything’s fine and snappy.
Andreas Gohr 2019-02-28 12:23

I must admit that the first server won’t have any of these powerful features. Sluggish HDD, a lot less ram (4G) and maybe a dual core better than Athlon LE 1660 (which is quite a waste of power). But that’s not makes me feel safe. So… quite closer to “crapware” than “hardware”.

I’m also searching for a good KB software, I’ve reduced my list to these 3 (but not tested):


I decided to store in a flat file the dokuwiki database, but of course you can use a mysql database also

To extend Giacomo’s list, I’ve Raneto and TiddlyWiki in my bookmarks but haven’t tested them.

So we have a… list.

Another one is Mediawiki, I used it, but only for three users, so I can’t say anything to the performance.

Also here is list at Wiki(pedia)

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sorry to wake an old topic, were these other options ever tested, and deployed, and did you guys find a holy grail for the same.

XWIKI is also one other great tool, has anyone ever use it, seems as feature rich as confluence is

Take a look at

Works quite wel, I (also) use that.

Internally I now use DokuWiki (Like NethServer’s Forum Wiki) and am very happy with it. No database, very fsat, good search - and can easily be synched realtime to other servers. It has no requirements besides a webserver… :slight_smile:
Also runs well on NethServer with Stephdl’s module.

My 2 cents

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i think for the case of tiki, dokuwiki would work much much better.

Dokuwiki is for documentation, Tiki is only if you REALLY need more…