Bookstack App - more ways to document

I am Happy to Announce the Availability of Bookstack as a Nethserver 8 App.
ping @giacomo here: KnowledgeBase opensource application/solution - #6 by giacomo

I believe Bookstack to be mature enough as a proper documentation and wiki contender
BookStack Release v24.02 · BookStack (

Install by

add-module 1

Configure you App on the Settings Page
Access the url

Initial Credentials

Main Page

Ping me incase you notice anything I couldnt

Test cases, Clone, backup and restore,

Implement Ldap
Implement OIDC env


Hi @oneitonitram

About NS8 documentations which are all over the internet, there should be a button on all pages where a user can add titles and URLs, like bookmarks do, for a documentation they found usefull.


As is (like Dokuwiki)?

  1. Internal authentication (Dokuwiki handles it)
  2. Local LDAP, the LDAP instance on the cluster handles it
  3. External LDAP, a LDAP source from anywhere (and also Authentik on the/a cluster) handles it.

From command line or from UI?
In case of UI, which URL to access the list of instances to be able to clone (as without repo, app does not show on software center as installed)?
https://<FQDN>/cluster-admin/#/software-center/app-instances/Bookstack ??

:white_check_mark: Backup
:white_check_mark: Restore to new instance
:white_check_mark: In-place Restore
:white_check_mark: Clone
:white_check_mark: Clone (with replace option: new instance keeping MODULE_UUID and deletes original one, as intended)

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Thank you @dnutan for helping test.

I am not really following you.

Yes, this will be implemented, so save the hustle of multiple users

Another interesting project may be I got inspired by the Authentik documentation. If it to be a module, it could well be a good alternative for a heavy weight Wordpress site.

  • Flat files
  • Fast
  • Flexible
  • Dockerisable
  • Topic agnostic (no books, shelves or specifics)

@oneitonitram any chance it is easily doable for you/your team?

HEllo @LayLow do you have a need for docusauru at the moment.

it seems to be a fixed documentation system, similar to what something like wikijs and others provide,

and its simple enough enough, its not necessary to build a as a module, a standard installation based on Generic containers instruction should work for it.

No, no real need, just a possible choice between Dokuwiki and Bookshelf.

I believe it is more then that.

No idea how to do that, I am not a dev.