January Community Hangout - 27 Wed 2016 at 9:00 GMT - Developer Session

the time has come for a new community hangout.
Last hangout it was ‘announced’ this would be a developers hangout.
Who will be attending? What will be the agenda to talk about?


  • NethServer 7 developments?
  • NethServer Developer HOWTO?
  • How to make QA?

@davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti @ironsky @mabeleira @sitz @WillZen @apradoc @Nas @robb @Ctek @dz00te @Adam @stephdl do you have any proposal?

Doodle proposal created:

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I think it is a great idea to have a hangout for discussing development issues.
Maybe the best idea is to gather all the recent topics that were in “Development” section and see what needs to be addressed.
Like the Disk Management request that @Jim has. :smile: or other features that need to be developed.


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I think it’s hard to discuss “feature” proposals, I’d like to focus more on

  • Developer “best practice”
  • Q&A
  • Testing
  • so on…

There is also a ‘developer related community activity’ coming up soon: Fosdem 2016 in Brussels. Maybe have a (brief) mention of this during the hangout?

I like the second point… The develloper how to…

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Indeed, I don’t know if it could be brief :smile:
I’ll bump the proper discussion quite soon.

We can also gather and discuss ideas about the Developer How-to’s that have been made.
What can be improved what is missing, what should be added etc.

In this way maybe we can complete the series “From zero to NS developer” :smile:


Just replied to doodle. Who is missing?

Current participants are 8 with me: @mabeleira @robb @WillZen @giacomo @filippo_carletti @Ctek

Edit, we’re waiting for:
@davidep @sitz @apradoc @Nas @dz00te @Adam @stephdl ? Anyone else wants to join us?

The best day seems Thu 21 at 16 GMT at the moment

Sorry, but II’ll be out of office Thu 21 and I can’t reschedule the new appointment :confused:

Did you create a new DOODLE? I see only 6 people in the list and not 13.

Nope, I edited my post, we are only 6 at the moment.
Many people asked me about a Developer Session, come on guys it’s time to go one step further

It seems hard to find a good day for our hangout. I have just added other slots for the next, can we try to reach as many participants as possible?
@mabeleira @robb @WillZen @giacomo @filippo_carletti @Ctek @davidep

I added the days/hours I am available… again (as I wrote in Doodle comments) don’t make my availability leading. I am not a dev and rather see a good dev discussion.

We’re settling on 27 Wed at 9 GMT @mabeleira does it work also for you?

Its 6am here :smiley:

Sorry friend but this time we’ll miss you!
Next January Community Hangout is scheduled for 27 Wed at 9 GMT:

Any agenda? @WillZen @Ctek @robb @davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti

Good for me.

Just a draft of our agenda:

@Nas @stephdl @sitz @dz00te @mabeleira @apradoc @Adam @medworthy @fasttech, @GG_jr you won’t participate but you have some questions to add?
So our attendees will answer during the session and you can watch the video afterward

Everybody can add a question about NethServer development!


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