Collabora with OwnCloud

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I note with particular interest the proposal made Collabora with OwnCloud to release the code to provide a platform for LibreOffice in the cloud.

It would be interesting to incorporate this feature in NS7
The links

The online editor of Collabora CloudSuite supports a longlist of transitions and animations for presentations *,offering significantly richer presentations than other famousonline office suites.Want to see if for yourself? Simply request your free online demo at try out the demo presentation file.

I’d love the idea to have a sort Open Source replacement for Google Docs, so the answer for me is “yes, I would like to see integrated inside NethServer”!

But reading the blog, it seems the work is still in early stages and I also noticed this sentence:

Collabora and ownCloud announce Partnership and will deliver a combined commercial solution in 2016, based on an integration between Collabora CloudSuite and ownCloud Server.

I hope we will also have a fully free release! :smile:

It may be a killing features and it worth some tests!
Once OwnCloud 8 is ready we can play with it as well!

You have also framapad and framacalc that you can install on a server


This is absolute a super option, but what I understood this is still experimental and needs a LOT of tweaking. Also currently, installing this is not very obvious and intuitive.
I absolutely hope this will get developed further very soon, because it will be a great answer against Google apps and office 365.

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I got the same impression.

Here is a nice explanation how LOOL works:

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Thanks brother!

Overall Association Framasoft share interesting resources. I had no idea of its existence. I will spread it

The goal of framasoft is ’ degooglisons internet’

In french in the text, they want to offers services to avoid google, or any other cloud services. You can use the framasoft services, or install the software they develop, modify on your own server.