Is ocs inventory available in version 7?

Hi Team,

I’ve read older forum posts about OCS Inventory being installed. Not sure if is it was part of the Software Center or people just installed it on their nethservers themselves.

Is it under a different name perhaps?

Thank you.

It was available on Software center for NethServer 6.x
It was discontinued on NethServer 7.

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Thank you @dnutan for this reply. I had missed that page on what was discontinued.

Shame it was removed though. Would have been nice to have an inventory program in nethserver. Perhaps Racktables could be of interest to this community.

Looking at the Racktables requirements I see:

RackTables uses a web-server with PHP (5.2.10 or newer) for front-end and a MySQL/MariaDB server version 5 for back-end. The most commonly used web-server for RackTables is Apache httpd.

I think nethserver is still stuck on PHP version 4 something if I’m not mistaken.

Actually, I’ll add this to a feature request and see if any others think this would be useful to add to nethserver.


You mean php54 ?

Anyway you can install nethserver-php-scl

Hello @stephdl, good catch…you are right…I had meant to say php54.

Appreciate your reply to my post. I’ve seen mention of nethserver-php-scl. Perhaps you can fill me in a bit more on what this is?

I’m still testing my nethserver as I run it through using it as my small office domain. I do want to add more to my nethserver for our office but I’m very much concerned with keeping in line with update provided by nethserver. I’ve seen the modules that the community has provided (and most are from you…great work! :slight_smile: ) but I still need to better understand how non nethserver supported modules will survive updates to new versions of nethserver.

  1. Will this nethserver-php-scl to update my version of php be supported with nethserver updates?
  2. Just wondering why we have this nethserver-php-scl and not have it included in the Software Center?
  3. Will using nethserver-php-scl allow me to upgrade my Nextcloud version or should I wait for nethserver to push an update to my Nextcloud?
  4. What will happen to my nethserver if I install nethserver-php-scl and then down the road nethserver pushes an update to Nextcloud…will the software center update work with the php version I installed?

Any information you can provide for me would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

you don’t update php, you just install other versions of php beside the official one of centos. All versions will be available when you want/need. With my rpm you can decide which version of php you run, either for the whole apache server or for each virtualhost.

In brief, you can update your server, it should work, and if not, I will change the code…and after all, if I stop to work, the code is available on github…others can start to work also :slight_smile:

I love to hurt window users :slight_smile:

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This is an important point of view, you are talking of sustainability of software development. Why I code, why I do it, release, create other rpms. Why nethforge-testing is full of rpm never released, why other developers did stop, why they never ended their works…

Question of personality, probably a smile satisfy me, however it is about 20h (probably more) of works per week. Sure when it is free, I’m free to work, free to leave, therefore I understand your interrogation.

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Hi @stephdl,

Thanks for these replies and help! Is this PHP-SCL only supported by yourself or is this something that will be considered by the @dev_team to include in the software center? Seems like a very useful and critical piece that nethserver would need in order to provide other updates (like Nextcloud to v11).

Where is the best place to find instructions on how to install/use your nethserver-php-scl rpm? I found a readme on github that didn’t have instructions. I also found this page on the forums - Nethserver-php-scl for NS7 needs testers. Is this all I need to try our your code?

As for the modules you’ve provided, yes I can see how that would take a lot of time to create and support. It’s always risky to use something that may not be supported go forward. I always give thanks to those that put their hard work into something they create for free.

I would love to do what you do and create modules that are useful to my use case and share them with others so they can benefit as well. Racktables and Guacamole are two web based solutions that I think would be killer apps for nethserver! How do you go about creating your modules. Is this a good starting place? I don’t know if I’ll have the brain or time but perhaps one day I’ll look into adding what I hope will be valuable and be able to enjoy a smile like you do. :smile:

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I have a different way to see the work, NS is modular, one software for one function, but for the end users it could be really a nightmare.

Giacomo did a rpm to use the php software collection, but it did just this, install php56-php-fpm. It lacks a lot of rpm that you might need. For example php56-php-mcrypt, If you don’t install it, you will have a blank page with nethserver-phpmyadmin…and the clue is in the apache error log :slight_smile:

The rpm of Giacomo is good when you want to create a specific module like nethserver-nextcloud, then you use it as a dependency.

I don’t think to push all my rpm to Nethforge soon, you are about 1500-2000 different IP and around 8000 visits each month…If I do something bad, I know it fast :cry:

we have a wiki → php-scl [NethServer Wiki]

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Excellent! Thank you @stephdl. I’ve added your repo and installed PHP-SCL and enabled PHP 5.6. Works very well!

Great work as usual! :smile:

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@nrauso has a gift for you :gift: