Is Nethserver the right option for me?

Hi Rene,

Yes and No.I have both installed next to each other

  1. If I really look at the usage of client software, am not using SoGo nor Nextcloud at all. My clients an IOS Mail / calendar / contacts or Spark mail. On the Windows side I use Windowa mail and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  2. On server side, you need a groupware provider. Within Nextcloud there ar two options: SoGo an WebTop. I did not know that Nextcloud can do this either, I always thought, Nextcloud is just a client.
  3. I came from Zentyal using Zarafa groupware - it was easier to me to transfer contacts via SoGo.
  4. This is 4 years ago, but I tried Weptop first. I had some trouble, but I can not remember anymore.
  5. I liked the the look and feel from SoGo webfrontend more than Webtop, if found it more retraind, less coltish and somehow more reputable. But these are just personal feelings
  6. Webtop has a Nextcloud file storage integration - I really miss that feature within Sogo (btw: I found an upload and link extension for Thunderbird recently - it uplods attachments to Nextcloud and creates the link share as well sa password and expiry from TB :sunglasses:)

I Hope this helps

Yes, this was on very import part of my decision

That’s is a very good tip. I’ve put it on my list to investigate :face_with_monocle:

We’re IOS oriented, so Nextcloud will be fine I think.
But I think I will look into the other options as well.

Here an update for anyone who’s interested :smiley:
I have my VM setup with:

  • Nethserver
  • Nextcloud: files synching, contacts and calendar
  • Webdav (via Nextcloud) to sync Joplin (waiting for Joplin Server to get production ready and hopefully usable with Nethserver
  • Matrix
  • Jitsi: for use within Matrix and just in general

I plan to look into Zabbix (@Andy_Wismer: is this even necessary for a single server?)

I’m still thinking about options for backup storage.
I’m confused about security and hardening of the server.

When I have a VPS running with this setup, I’m gonna look into the mail server options.


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Hi Réne

In any car, you do have a sppedometer, petrol, battery. Is this necessary for a car? The authorities in every country seem to think so.

If you’re running a server, that means 24*7. That means you should know what’s going on.

But I can help you set it up if you want…

My 2 cents

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Ha, I could probably have known what your answer would be :smiley:

I know you ran a hands on training a couple of weeks ago. Wanted to attend, but wasn’t ready for it yet. Was this session recorded as you wanted to attempt that?

Very kind of you! I really appreciate it and will most certainly be asking questions (in another thread) when I’m looking into it further.

Quick first question: would Zabbix also work for multiple separate VPSs (my wife’s company NS, my own NS, possible backup VPS)?


BTW: I think most of the time your ‘2 cents’ are worth a lot more :moneybag:

Hi René

The above is no problem for Zabbix.

Ping me when you’re ready for Zabbix (Send a PM…).

My 2 cents

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